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August 24, 2006: Ben Affleck Learns Life Lessons from George Reeves

Ben Affleck has revealed that he's turned his back on fame and is looking for substance in his life thanks to his experience studying the life of George Reeves for the new film "Hollywoodland".

Affleck watched all 104 episodes of "The Adventures of Superman" TV series, and delved into the off-screen life of George Reeves, helping him get perspective on what's important in his life.

"He was an iconic guy because of who he played but he died tragically", said Affleck. "What he had was never enough. You need to learn there are far more things to make you happy, like a wonderful wife and child. I'm lucky I was able to see the hollowness of fame. Family's what really matters."

"Hollywoodland" opens in theaters on September 8th.

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