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ToyFare #107

May 18, 2006: Superman Homepage Interviews in Wizard Mega Movie Magazine

Wizard Magazine reprinted portions of several interviews conducted by the Superman Homepage with several Superman celebrities in Wizard's Mega-Movie Issue Special Collector's Edition (issue #176B).

Due to an oversight, Wizard failed to credit the Superman Homepage for the interviews but a correction planned for Wizard #178 (due out in late June 2006) credits Steve Younis, Barry Freiman and the Superman Homepage for the original interviews with John Haymes Newton, Sarah Douglas, and Jack O'Halloran.

Wizard's ToyFare Magazine (issue #107) features a "Superman Returns" cover, with the following details for the interior of the issue:

    We celebrate the return of Superman the only way we know how... hard-hitting coverage, a plethorah of embarrassing moments from Superman's past and a fond look back at the little-known Superman powers that are best forgotten. Plus, we talk to Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and... Skeletor?

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