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January 12, 2006: Premiere Magazine “Superman Returns” Cover Story Online

As we reported in late December, the February edition of Premiere magazine features an extensive article on "Superman Returns". The article is now online at their website. Here's an excerpt...

    The work this day has largely been dedicated to capturing that chunk of film crucial to any comic-book adaptation: the sequence where the villain, often in some sort of crowing exposition, begins to reveal his nefarious plans for world domination, which almost always include offing some hero in tights. In Superman Returns, this comes as an exchange between Luthor (Kevin Spacey) and his brassy girlfriend Kitty Kowalski (Parker Posey).

    In the scene, which the crew has been shooting at different angles for hours, Kitty brings Lex a martini, which she promptly smashes in the fireplace after he cuts her down with a few deliciously dry insults.

    "So now that we are in the middle of nowhere, away from prying eyes, does the oldest criminal in the world think I'm worthy of hearing his plans?" Posey says.

    Singer interrupts the scene by speaking into his "god mike," which, oddly, has a grinning devil's face drawn on its red foam head in Sharpie pen. "The 'oldest criminal mind,' " he says. "Not the 'oldest criminal.' "

    "I'm crashing," Posey says, breaking character. "I was so ready to do this four hours ago."

    They give the scene yet another go. This time, Posey and Spacey step on each other's lines and end up standing in silence. "You've got to play that, babies," Singer says.

    "I've worked with actors before," Posey replies sarcastically. Singer leaves the video village and walks on set. "Go back to your chair," she says, laughing, attempting to diffuse the mounting tension with a joke.

    As Singer huddles with the actors, his hushed voice conceals his words, but his hands act out the instructions, fluttering with staccato flourishes. They run the scene again. And again. So many times that the prop master is worrying that there might not be enough martini glasses to finish what they've started.

    The scene ends with a sort of historical precis from Luthor: "Romans built the roads. Persians built the ships. Americans built the atom bombs." He makes an allusion to Prometheus and cryptically promises to bring "fire to the people." He closes by saying that "the gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind."

Read the complete 4 page article at the Premiere Magazine website.

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