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April 22, 2016: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Bryan: "We have to do another take. Kate almost smiled."


Andrew Constantine:
Can I borrow $5 for an ice mocha?

Dave Bratton:
"It may SEEM like you may never be together, but trust me, it all works out in the sequel!"

If we reuse the reversal of time element, can I call it Superman: Days of Future Past?

Singer: And then he crushes Zod's hand and throws him into a pit and then...
Routh: Can we get back to making the movie now?

It's called method acting, so from here on out I'm going to be calling you Christopher.

Roy Flinchum:
Brandon: Can I hit something now?
Singer: First you have to look at Lois like you missed her.
Brandon: Then I hit something?
Singer: Then you have this scene with a kid that might be yours but looks nothing like you.
Brandon: Then I hit him?
Singer: Then you get to lift that Daily Planet Globe! Pretty cool huh?
Brandon: Uh, just spit balling here but since I'm Superman, shouldn't I like hit something.

Singer: So no punching, no fighting, no neck snapping. I'll have you lift an island. How does that sound?

Singer: "I hope this little incident hasn't put you off reboots.
Statistically speaking, of course, they're still the safest things to film."

"Again, but even sadder. Like, imagine your career doesn't take off after this, and instead you end up in a supporting role on the CW."

Bryan: "People have waited 19 years for a NEW Superman movie so let's put in as many references and dialogue to the first Superman movie as we can!"

No worries! We'll CG your romantic chemistry In post.

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