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March 2, 2008: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

jimmy mac
"I find as I get older, the first thing to go is my Super-memory. And next after that - I guess I'd have to say my Super-memory."

And the runner-ups:

neal bailey
Ol' Man Superman: Kids these days. I tell you. With their bubble gum cards, and their fancy two wheeled bicycles! Why, in my day, we couldn't even SEE our planes! You just had to hop up in the air and HOPE you were in Wonder Woman's jet!

Superman Suit: $46.00 at Wal Mart
Retirement Home: $200.00 a month payed by the kids
New Paint for More Wall Coverings: $12.00 at Wal Mart
Seeing Grandpa Totally Lose It: Priceless

Superman: Well, things were going pretty well against Brianiac, but then Batman flipped his Bat-Rascal and fractured a tibia, and things really went down hill from there

Superman: You think I look ridiculous running around in this outfit at my age? You should see Wonder Woman!

UGH! Stinky sock award, man. That... That's just SICK. Sick and wrong. It's wrongsick.

Old Superman: Are you a meta human, vigilante or supernatural being fighting for truth and justice and are over 65 years of age? Ever feel like today's dietary and vitamin supplements don't offer the type of enhancement a powerful being of your advanced age requires to stay on top of your crimefighting game?

Presenting Centrum Silver Age! Full of all the bosons and muons an aging hero needs! Also includes antioxidants, anti-higgs, Vitamin B13 and Echinacea!

If only we had Centrum Silver Age a few years back, eh, Bruce? (Looks wistfully at the urn with a bat crest emblazoned across the front sitting on the mantle.) So call our toll free number and order Centrum Silver Age today!

super surfer
Reporter: Who do you think was your deadliest enemy?
Superman: Looking back, I'd have to say it was Al Gough and Miles Millar. Those guys gave me more trouble than all the other villians, even Luthor. Nobody else even came close.

jimmy mac
Welcome to

Kal-el, I have come from 5 years in the future to warn you: this is what happens when you lick everything.

THAT'S A FILTHY LIE! (pauses, licks my cat)

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