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June 8, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Contest

Superman descends down to Earth after 6 long years, only to see Lois holding a baby from another man. He looks depressed, then suddenly his face lights up and he pops a Mento in his mouth. Cue Music: Nothin's better what comes, fresh goes better with life, with Mentos fresh and full of life! *Superman flies down grabs the kid, and throws him into space.* When life gets to you, play it fresh play it cool, with Mentos fresh and full of life! *The kid is seen flying through space toward the moon, the audience cheers* Fresh goes better, Mentos' freshness! Fresh goes better with Mentos fresh and fuuullll of life!!!! *Superman embraces Lois and winks at the camera.*

The runner-ups:

Mommy Mommy, who's the scary man with the green hair watching us?

Your worst nightmare kid...Lana's new look.

Kid: Mommy? What's that across the street?

Lois: Oh them. Just a bunch of rabid fanboys that wish to condemn something they really know nowthing about. Don't mind them, they'll go back to their chat rooms soon to complain about a movie that hasn't even hit the theaters yet. Just don't look them in the eyes.

And what is this? The one who complains about the complainers? That makes you a private and me the sergeant in condemning the things that we haven't even seen. So go, now, and clean my latrine with a brush made from a vintage 1997 OB1 Kenobi dan made picture in paint. Unh!

The Old Bum
"You could almost call it a FIVE-HEAD! GET IT?" "Just get in the car, Junior, mommy's tired"

Bryan Singer(while dodging flying bricks and tomatoes): No, No, wait! Hear me out! The kid is actually playing Beppo the SuperMonkey---Arrgh!**Brick hits him square in the face**

The Old Bum
"Don't worry Junior, I've got you." "You've got me? Who's got you?"



This brings a whole new dimension to the caption contest!






wisely. ;)

Part of the recent upgrade.

Superman Returns!!!!!! To find his legacy besmirched.

lois: come on lets just call superman we will save a bunch of money on car insurance

The Old Bum
"And this is your new daddy... his name is Winslow Schott." (look it up)

Hey, did you know Schott rhymes with...snot? (Look it up. Lex Luthor issue 4)

King Nothing
Little Kid: Mommy where do babys come from?
Lois: Um ... we'll talk about that when your older.
Little Kid: Mommy where did I come from?
Lois: H$ll if I know, your not even supposed to be here.
Little Kid: Kids at school say I don't belong.
Lois: Those kids at scool are right you litte accident.

This one is so cruel that it's funny. It's like beating a grandmother with a baseball bat. Horrible, but...somehow funny.

[Kate Bosworth]: "Alright, that's it... YOU! The fat kid in the Green Lantern shirt in the front row! I don't want to hear ONE MORE THING about PRE-CRISIS CONTINUITY, you understand me?! Don't make me come down there!"

You stop picking on my mother, Bosworth, or we're gonna have WORDS!

Mighty Shannman
Initial toy store reaction wasn't that strong to the "Floozy Lois with bastard child accessory" action figure.

Allow me to explain why this one is uses the actual term in its definition, and not the derrogatory usage. Make sense? That's the same criteria TV uses. A good example: "Look at that god dammed river!" (If God had dropped a giant rock into the middle of a river and stopped its flow) is okay. The exact same sentence with an "n", however, is naughty. Sounds complex and strange? I agree. But all we can do is our best here. I had to struggle with the above, because it may tick someone off, but it's dam-----er, rather funny. Get me?

Lois: OHHHH Neal looks tasty in his picture, I also look tasty... in the windshield.

The word is rad. TOTALLY rad...dude.

[Lois]: "...and the next thing I knew, he'd inexplicably aged seven years, and read every book in the house overnight!"

[Kid]: "'The Hungry Little Caterpillar' was my favorite."

Lois: WHO'S yer DADDY!!!

Hmm, last week Neal threatened us with a picture from the 80s if we were naughty. This week CyberV's judging comments berate us for being naughty, yet this is not the Punishment Picture. Don't get me wrong, this picture is punishment, it's just not the Punishment Picture.

Naughty is as naughty does. Our own council will we keep, on who has been naughty. And you, Carmen Elektra, have been very, very naughty. Be right back.

On good faith, I was willing to accept the different color red for the costume and the shield on the belt buckle. However, this is one new accessory for Lois that will be hard to ignore.

No one was more excited than Lois when Superman returned from his travels throughout the galaxy. She promptly sued him for 4 years of child support.

Oy, ain't that the truth?

Superman: Did you know that your grandfather Jor-El was a brilliant scientist back on Krypton? Kid: Did you know bees can smell fear?

Brian Singer: So due to the complications of his secret life as a superhero, Clark and Lois are unable to be together. Eventually, Lois meets someone else and starts a relationship. The catch is that her new beau is Richard White, the son of Clark's boss, Perry White, who's a cranky newspaper editor÷ James Marsden: Man, you better keep that "original" idea under wraps, or Sam Raimi's gonna kick your @#$!

Kid: Wait a minute. If you're my mommy, and I am almost five years old, and it takes nine months to be born after conception, and Superman went into hiding in outer space about 4-5 years ago. That means... Brodie's in 'Mallrats' was wrong.

Proctor cool points. What up, Kevin Smith!

Clark Jr: Mom, the kids at school keep picking on me! Lois: Son, you just ignore them. You don't have to sink to their level. Clark Jr: Sorry Mom, but that dog won't hunt. Heat vision colonics are where it's at.

The Old Bum
"Of course we'll be glad to answer some questions, Mr. Younis, but we're all wondering, how do you know whenever we're filming? ...You mean you can see her forehead from THERE?"

Angry at the papparazi constantly hounding him, a green haired Neal Bailey pulls a "Sean Penn," rearing back his fist and decking a photographer. Oh wait, we're supposed to be commenting on the other picture, aren't we? Whoops.

And as an interesting side note, thanks to having become an older, less desireable lady, I am not too dating Madonna. Serendipity!

This looks like it should have been a job for...TROJAN MAN!!!

In a geeky attempt to flirt with Lois, Neal Bailey tries his Bruce Campbell impression, only to bump his elbow on the door, start crying, and demand a Spider-Man band-aid.

The Old Bum
"That's not your daddy, sweetheart, he got hit by a train." "Lois, I'm more powerful than a locomotive AND I'm the pater-familius!"

Hey, mother, I come bearing a gift. I'll give you a hint. It's in my diaper and it's not a toaster.

Kid to Lois: "Mommy the bad men are comming up behind us".
Lois to kid: "How can you tell without turnning around Clark Jr., have you developed Superhearring"?
Kid to Lois: "No mommy, I can see them reflected in your forehead".

Catch her next year in Hulk 2, where she'll be playing the Leader. ZING!

Kid: "Show me a windmill now!!!"

[Lois]: "Hmm... (C) and TM Warner Brothers, Inc., 2005. Not to be reprinted without permiss--ooo, Neal's gonna get a beeeeaaating!"

If they care enough to come find me, I'm ready. I have canned goods, a ton of CDs, and enough plastic Superman figures to throw at the riot shielded grunt FBI agents.'s legal to use promotional images. Know your copyright la-BLAM! swear, I was just trying to-


Oh God! A SMITH! I gotta run.

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