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January 20, 2008: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

jimmy mac
Lois: "Help, Superman!"

(Pause, no response)



"Um... Mister Incredible???"

(Cricket noises)

"Well... Larry-Boy?"

"(Falsetto voice) I - AM - THAT - HERO!!!"

Lois: "Crap."

And the runner-ups:

Margot Kidder's reaction after hearing the plot of Superman III

Man: Hey Lois, nice mellons!
Superman: What?
Lois: Superman, I'm holding mellons.
Man: Nice hooters also.
Superman: What?
Lois: I'm holding owls.
Man: Nice jugs.
Superman: Let me guess... milk jugs?
Man: No, her chest.
*Superman punches man to moon*

Superman: Gentlemen, please don't squeeze the Lois.

This picture was mailed to Neal Bailey, along with a type-written note:

Keep the caption contest, or we turn the giant blender on and Kidder becomes a fruit smoothie!

"Is that Aaron or Neal?? Neal or Aaron?? Oh sweet gif monkiers!"

Margot Kidder escalates her (imagined) public feud with the Fruit of the Loom guys when she mails a videotape to NBC of her rolling around on a pile of fruit yelling, "See, you sanctimonious band of underwear jockeys? (Rolling more vigorously) I'm killing your children! I'm killing your children!"

jimmy mac
A deleted scene from Willy Wonka and the Ketchup Factory.

Margot: What? Aaron and Neil NEVER pick your captions as winners??!!

SprGrlRVG: I KNOW! It's tragic!

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