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May 21, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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jimmy mac:
"Lois - you've got to wear the Teddy Roosevelt glasses if our Mount Rushmore tribute is to work at all!"


"Would any of you like to explain to me why you tied up that little boy in this cave? If it weren't for his collie I never would have found him."

I've tilted it to the left for the ump-teenth time! NOW, is the picture straight?!

No one could think of anything to say after Superman did his John Wayne impression.

Superman: "So, I'm the only one that got the casual Friday memo?"

And now on the superman tour, please keep together...ok now we have the set featured at the end of Superman III. Here Superman denied his one night stand with a blonde woman...nice, got trapped in a giant plastic bubble, and finally unleashed a jar of lethal ketchup that destroyed a super computer.

Jimmy; You've got to be kidding Superman! THIS is your "Fortress of Solitude"?
Superman: What do you expect on a 50's TV budget?

jimmy mac:
George: "So Burt Lancaster and I are sitting there having a drink with Monte Clift, when up comes Frank Sinatra and he says..."
Noel: "Oh God, Jack - more drunken rambling about FROM HERE TO ETERNITY."

jimmy mac:
George: "So Clark Gable and I are sitting there having a drink with Leslie Howard, when up comes Vivienne Leigh and she says..."
Jack: "Oh god, Noel - more drunken rambling about GONE WITH THE WIND."

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