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November 4, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Yeah, but I still don't do windows.


Jor-El: "For this reason I have sent them you, my son."

jimmy mac:
In this tough economy, even Superman had to take on a second job.

Worst. Elseworlds. Ever.

There. I found my glasses.

"Every week I destroy deadly comets hurtling towards the earth. But even all my strength is no match for the cleaning powers of Comet cleaning powder for your kitchen or bathroom. Just look at those unsightly rings disappear. It's super-cleaning that's out of this world!"

I had to show off for Lois and eat that grenade, didn't I? Well, I deserve this!

Captain Marvel: Tired of those endless hours scrubbing your bathroom with that ordinary cleaner? Use Shazam! One Spray on and the stain is Gone! Billy Batson Here with Shazam! It works on tile, Hardwood, Softwood, granite, Marble! You Name it Shazam does it! If you call now we'll double your order! That's two cans of Shazam and this Shazam Scrubber for the same base price of $19.95. Here's how to order!

Martian Manhunter off screen: "New guy cleans the bathroom Superman! It's the same at every job!"

Bizarro Brainiac:
They told me "pick a guild or one will be chosen for you" but did I listen? NO!!!!

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