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April 15, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

(Flash gestures at Bizarro.)

Bizarro: Hey! Why Flash not raise finger at me? That part of dance! That is
how Bizarro choreographed!

Flash: I was ad libbing.

Best reference to one of my past contests:

super surfer
Superman: Man, this is almost as embarrasing as getting beat up by Aquaman.

And the runner-ups:

Flash: Hey, Bizarro! You know what you need? A bigger medal! Egotistical

mild mannered matt
think bizarro's wearing pants behind that curtain?

OK, class, who can tell me why the Bizarro World comic was cancelled? Anyone?

Superintendent Chalmers (sees picture): CyyybeeerrrV!

Flash: this show is really lame...

Wonderwoman:Flash..stop whining

Superman:We promised we would see Bizarro "pretend" he was the JLA for once.

Batman: I agree with Flash

Flash:I can't believe I'm saying this but for once I wish I was Aquaman.

Superman: Why Flash?

Flash: I'd rather clean the toilets than watch this show!!!

The answer to the question 'How bad of a picture would have to be posted to not even have Neal Bailey want to comment?'

And so bad that even =I= didn't do anything with it despite picking it.

Neal here. Actually, I was just very busy getting a book deal this week. Sometimes I don't comment on my own...

Ah, Bizarro. Or as I affectionately refer to him, "A grammatical (BLEEP)ING nightmare".

Bizarro No. 1, the true master of the multiverse. I would have said univese there, but I didn't want to be sued by the He-Man people.
Or beaten up by a man wearing basically only furry underwear? I can relate.

Bizarrovoicing the puppets: "So noone told you life was gonna be this WAYYYYYY.
Your life's a joke, your broke. (raises batman for high note) 'Your love life's D.O. A.!!!!!!!!'"
You always feel you stuck in second gear, It not your day, you week, your month or even your year...


Batman: (Thinking) *When I get off these strings, Cyberv's getting a Bat-Kick in the !#&@*

And he just finished doing that to me for liking Terry McGinnis more than
him... Oh, my poor rear. I may never sit again...

super surfer
Green Lantern walked in, took one look at this scene, and said "WHAT THE F@#%!?!"

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