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October 15, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Ok, kristin kreuk, Make that face and hold it for 5 seasons. ACTION!

And the runner-ups:

Lana: Did I kill him? Meh, doesn't matter.

Lana: Oh my gosh, it's... it''s..., um, I should go yell at Clark for something.

Lana: Oh my god. I haven't seen anything that horrific since Thursday.

" it should be me on that table!" cries Lana. then begins to uncontrolably sob when she realizes that only the producers disagree.

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Lana: OH MY GOD! I killed my boyfriend... again.

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Lana: Dammit Jason! Why didn't you tell me you were dead?! You're just like Clark! SECRETS AND LIES!!! SECRETS AND LIES!!!

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The Lana wing at the city morgue.

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The SHORT Adventures of Superman

Lana's whining got so bad she started killing her boyfriends with it.
So Clark banished her to the phantom zone. The world rejoiced.

The end.

Jason: You expect me to talk, Ms. Lang?
Lana: No, Mr. Teague, I expect you to listen to my passive aggresive whining, and then die.

Dude, Neal, we totally had a picture from this scene already. Come on, man...all those freakin' episodes, and you're pulling repeats already?

The whole Lana association with death thing is by popular demand. This week I have something new I hope you like.

"Yeah, you're dead. But what about ME?"

Lana Lane - Driving boyfriends to their deaths since 2001.

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Lana walks up to Jason's corpse.



Doctor: Ok, that's just gross.

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Lana: Oh My God! They killed Jason! YOU B@#$%^&S!!!

Ok, kristin kreuk, Make that face and hold it for 5 seasons. ACTION!

Tee hee! Oh, Jason-san!

Lana: "Oh Jason! Why did you have to die! Why? My heart hurts, it's aches in anguish. I'm so sad, I wish I could trade places with you!"
Jason: "That could be arranged."
*Cast of Smallville rushes in and puts her out of her misery. The corpse beside Jason sits up to reveal Neal Bailey*
Neal: "Now, we celebrate!"

And you will know us by the trail of the Neutrogena.

Lana discoversd that, with Jason's unfortunate accident, she has become Tasty Coma Girlfriend.

The Todd: Reference Five!
(He and JasonSpidey slap hands)

I haven't seen Smallville for three seasons, yet I was about to make a morbid joke about Lana's ex-boyfriends before I found out that was Jason. What are the odds?

Kristin: Jensen please wake up, you have to help me. There is some crazy fan trying to kill me!

Jensen: (continues to lie motionless)

Kristin: Jensen, did you hear me?

He immediately pops up ripping off his Jensen Ackles mask to reveal Neal Bailey.

Neal: Here's Johnny!

Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd. I had to correct her most sternly.

This is either a really bad episode of "Smallville"...or a really good episode of "Supernatural."

In an alternate ending to the Supernatural season two premiere, Sam Winchester actually dies instead of being saved by his father and wakes up as a zombie in Smallville. This offers audiences the biggest scare of Supernatural's run so far.

Lana: Oh my god. It was a little green alien piloting a Jason robot all along!!!

This is want happens when you party with Neal Bailey for the first time, you end up dead, because Neal is one crazy mo-fo.

NEAL I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU! (Jack Black voice from the movie Saving Sliverman)

Starts in feet, ends in blood.

I'm Horney:o

Horneo is Borneo's twin country. Except it's a MUCH more fun place to be.


'nuff said

all these people, complaining about how many times lana has killed people. let me remind you

'nuff said

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Proof positive that any photo with Lana in it gets lots of comments.

Lana: Jason! NO! Why, God, why?! (Throws up her hands and collapses on top of Jason's body, then catches her reflection in the table.) God, I'm even hot when I'm inconsolable.

Isobelle: You try to steal my stone of power? Fine. Then I'm doing this! (Stabs Mrs. Teague with the kryptonian stone) You like that? That's how I roll.

Where did Jason go after Season 4? He discovered World of Warcraft and subsequently died after playing for 96 hours straight without a break.

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