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August 9, 2006: Caption Contest

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Superman is Red,
Sometimes he's Blue.
I liked him before he was dead

Supermen: Screw You!

Best sucking up to the judge line goes to...

last man of krypton
The Supermen are playing "Cool Red/Blue Rangers".

Superman Red: Jason.
Superman Blue: TJ.
Superman Red: Tommy.
Superman Blue: Billy.
Superman Red: Andros.
Superman Blue: ...Skye.
Superman Red: Nice one. Eric.
Superman Blue: ...err.... err... Justin? No, wait!
Superman Red: Ha! You lose!

best lick joke:

last man of krypton
Superman Red: Mmm... blue snowcone...

Oh, ith you. Dammith... by tongue alwayth geth thtuck on you.

Superman Blue: (smacks Red) How many times have I told you to look before you lick?!

And the runner-ups:

Tights? Or naked? You be the judge.

Super Luigi 64
Dear Superman,


--Your Friends,

Fire and Ice.

super surfer
Superman Red and Superman Blue are sponsored by ICY/HOT. Icy to dull the pain. Hot to relax it away.

Double you pleasure, Double your fun! Thats the statement of a great mint in Doublemint Gum!

I KNEW there'd be a Doublemint joke...

This is the worst Slush Puppy flavours advertisment I've ever seen...

The Old Bum
(switch the pictures, horizontally)

Ben Stein: Clear Eyes removes redness, and has an ingredient to moisturize. Wow.

And with that done, a Wavy Hair Award to the following caption for the latest in a string of completely unfunny Routh/Welling jokes:

Tom Welling vs Brandon Routh-YOU decide!

And a Stinky Sock Award to this caption, which is just creepy for anyone that ever watched Full House:

SUPERMAN RED/BLUE: Hey, don't slam us, this was the only way the Olsen twins would even look at us.

MARY KATE & ASHLEY: They look like ice cream!


Creepy. Very creepy. Come on, man, we saw them as infants... That's just wrong.

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