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May 9, 2014: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Clark: Got milk?


Clark: But I promise to bring it back with a full tank this time. C'mon! Please lemme take the General Lee into town.

Martha: "Son, your father and I have something to tell you. You're 25 and it's time for you to stop going to high school. It's kind of creepy."

"Here's your high-cholesterol meal, Jonathan. I'm sure you don't have to worry about a heart attack or anything."

Clark: So yesterday, I bench pressed the tractor, was able to see into the girls locker room, and was able to set ablaze anything I looked at. Is that normal?
Martha (nervous): Sure it is, honey... That's something a lot of kids your age experience. Isn't that right, Pa?
John (also nervous): Uh, yeah... Just a phase. Nothing to worry about...

Clark: "Aw c'mon mom, I'm ready to go!"
Martha: "Clark, I don't care if it is 11:30 in Metropolis and your friends are about to eat lunch. It's 9:30 a.m. in Smallville and no son of mine is about to go off and fight super-villains and space aliens without first having a good breakfast. Now finish those eggs Mister!!"

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