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February 19, 2013: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Apparently, the combined knowledge of the 28 known galaxies didn't include a section on "pull" doors.


Rob Gillespie:
"Excuse me sir, but have you accepted Rao as your saviour?"

Tony Graziano:
I come in anyway? I come in anyway.

David Bullock:
Faora, the kid says if we don't pay up for the newspaper subscription, he'll do to our house what he did to the convenience store...

Zod, former dictator or Krypton, has indeed fallen on hard times as he now sits in doorways and sings...
ZOD: show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed...

Even with all this accumulated knowledge, when will these dummies learn to use a door knob....

You had a job at 7-11 one day, ONE DAY. How did you burn the place down?

Superman: Ah, c'mon, it's not that hard
Zod: But there's just so many...
Superman: Zod, it's RedBox and they have a "wide selection"

General! Would you care to pay for that Slurpee?

Superman: It's ok Zod. You know when I developed super breath, I blew Pa's barn door clear cross the country...

There's a public service announcement here somewhere.

super surfer:
You diseased maniac! Did you really think you could hide the caption contest from me behind a glass door?

Zod: "I said Time Out! What part of that do you not understand?"
Superman: "You're destroying Smallville."
Zod: "And I need to catch my breath. So time out!"

And that's an example of "kicking butt." Any more quaint Earth expressions you'd like explained?

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