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March 30, 2005: Caption Contest

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As far as eccentric billionaires go, Lex's fetish for bathing in Hi-C Ecto Cooler put him near the top of the list...

The runner-ups:

neal bailey
Lex enjoys his mineral bath. Later on, they confront Lucy for peeing in it.

Lex: Okay, who plucked the only hair I've ever had since the meteor shower from my chest while I was taking a bath?! Lois: It was Lucy! Lucy: It was Clark! Clark: You were taking a bath? ... I mean, it was Lois!

As Lex lies in the memory chamber at Summerholdt, lost in a trance, Clark floats over him, arms crossed, staring creepily.

Ah, nothing like a sly reference to the previous week's picture. If you'd thrown in Beppo the super chimp, you mighta won.


(Pic 1) After a hard day of scheming and backstabbing. Lex found nothing more soothing then a bath and electro-nipple stimulation.

This one gets in simply for being naughty and getting away with it. Aces, man. Aces.

... In Marketplace News, Kraft's "Jell-O" product line gains market share that rivals the Cosby days as a result of new campaigns on the WB Series, "Smallville." "Jell-O" plans to increase production of it's Lime variety in order to keep up with expected demands from an upcoming Kryptonite-Jell-O promotion.

No! You'll stick to Old Spice Red Zone (That's right. Old Spice Red Zone) and you'll like it! We stick to the official promotions here! Yessiree!

Lex: Hmmm... Yes, Neal was right. Relaxing like this IS condusive to thinking up ways to kill Lana.

Egotistical to pick one of my own? Yes. Horribly unfair? Yes. Can you do anything to stop me? Nope. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Lex: *singing* Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make bathtime so much fun.

Clark: When is this argument going to end? I need to get home and milk the tractor.

HEY! THAT'S =MY= JOKE! Get your own running gag! Plagiarist! ...Nah, I'm just funning ya... PLAGIARIST!

Lex undergoes experimental therapy in order to remember when the last well-written episode of Smallville aired.

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