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April 28, 2010: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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We later find out this is Henry perry White, Henry Lois Lane and Henry Martha Kent


Perry: So kids, what's new in sex?

jimmy mac:
Clark: "Thanks, but you don't have to shout."

Clark: So, is there any possible Spinal Tap reunion in the future?
Perry: Why would I know that?

chris brockow:
(Laverne and Shirley reference)
Perry "This is a nice house. Not like the apartment I had. I had to share it with a guy named Squiggy.

(Short Circuit 2 reference)
Perry: Yeah, one time I teamed up with this former robotics engineer from Nova to sell toys modeled after the real thing and then the real thing shows up and the hijinks really ensued!

(Another Short Circuit 2 reference)
Perry: Are you ok.
Clark: Functioning 100%. Perfectly ko Yrrep.
Perry: It's Perry.
Clark: That's what I said, Yrrep.

Perry White: is it me or are we eating on the old set of All In the Family

Bizarro Brainiac:
Perry: So Clark...Me and the guys are looking for a new drummer; you game?

Lois: Ha! I've got it! It was Mr White on the kitchen table with the Red Queen!
Clark: Eiw. There goes my appetite. I'll be in the barn brooding. Call me when it's time for pie.
Lois: Hey, it's not my fault you suck at Clue, crankypants.

Perry: Frankly Clark, I was a little dissappointed. I thought you were going to do something a little more interesting than changing the oil.
Clark: Come on Mr. White. What else could "milking the tractor" mean?
Lois: I'd tell you what I used to think it meant, but we're eating.

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