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June 23, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

SuperKe.....oh who am I kidding. There is nothing family appropriate I can say about this caption.

And the runner-ups:

last man of krypton
Superman doll: Mystic Force team; do you know why the number 14.99 is so vitally descriptive to both you guys and me? It's my price and your combined I.Q. Xander is the 0.99.

Spoon AZ
SuperKen was not happy when he returned and found out that Barbie Lane had a kid with G.I. Joe.

*feels around*

I really do have buns of steel

Tom Welling has one of these dolls. Only his has lots of wicked looking pins sticking out of it.

So I wonder what the Batgirl Barbie is doing???

Superman looks at the Special Edition Ken as Superman Doll, then turns to Booster Gold and says "Booster, this is the last time I come to you for advice on my public image. Get out of my house."

super surfer

Faster than a Lionel train set. More powerful than a Super Soaker. Able to leap four inch Star Wars action figures in a single bound. Look! Out on toy shelves! It's a Cabbage Patch Kid, it's a SpongeBob Squarepants, it's Super Ken!

Yes, it's Super Ken, a strange visitor from a smoke filled disco in San Francisco, with power action features and special play action abilities far beyond those of regular dolls! Super Ken, who can become a doctor, lawyer or indian chief with a quick change of clothes, drive a sports car or surf a mighty wave, and who, disguised as Guy Gayerson, anatomically incorrect reporter for a great metropolitan fashion magazine, fights a never-ending battle for great hair, skin and the all American body !

Easily second place. If it wasn't so long, it would have won.

This doll washed up on the shore of the Island of Misfit Toys. Then Hermey the Elf put his foot on the box and pushed it back to sea, saying "The Island's all full, freak."

Welling: THIS ... *points to the box* ... is why I didn't want the job.

Caption Contest Fanboys: Aww Man! Monkeys AGAIN??

Like the PeeWee Herman theatre incident, or the Winona Ryder shoplifting incident, yet again, a fallen star has made hollywood news by breaking the law. Former Superman IV villain, Mark Pillow, was caught shoplifting in Venice Beach Friday afternoon. Upon completion of the search, all that was recovered was a Mattel brand Ken doll in a Superman outfit. Pillow was reported to have been stomping on the box, saying in a gravely voice, "Kill ... SUPERMAN!" Mr. Pillow declined to comment.

The Old Bum
*clears throat* Um, sir, you're making the Legos uncomfortable.

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