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December 17, 2004 Caption Contest

The Batman: You know I could beat all of these villains. And all of you guys. And Galactus. If only I had... The Rest of the League: PREP TIME!!! We know!

Runners-up were:

Superman: FREEEEDOOOMMM!!!!!

Justice League: For Sue Dibny! Comic book fans: WHO?!

Flash: Wait a second, how are we all flying in the air. Some of us can't even flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.............................

Flash: Waitasec - Welling can't fly, but I can? This is screwwy, man. (* He Farts.)

Plus points for a healthy reference to the Rosenblaum flatupants.

Strom Thurmond did not go gently from the Senate, and rallied a number of Republicans to protect him when the Justice League were sent in to remove him. Thurmond even donned his hooded blue costume for the occasion.

Et-hem, while I strongly condemn any partisan bickering in the caption contest and do not condone or admire any such thing in any official capacity (cough), you gotta admit, Strom as Skeletor....funny.

The League was about ready to be defeated by the vastly more powerful villains...when the animator suffered a fatal heart attack! The cartoon villains were no more. The second season could continue...

Superman: We're Here for the WB christmas party! Skeletor: You are too late Superman.... He-man already ate all the pie. Superman: We'll see who has the power when I get done with him...

jimmy mac
Superman to Despero: "Your lips say 'no, no' but your eyes say 'yes, yes..., yes."

The Justice League and their enemies get into a battle over how to pronounce "Mxyzptlk"

The real reason for the battle is Superman's crack about Calista Flockhart being in the Injustice Gang. Obviously Doctor Destiny took offense, and after exchanging big talk for a minute, they both called in their teams to back them up in the fight.

Superman: "You guys take the others! SKELETOR IS MINE!!!"

Captain Sigma
Superman: Who let the dogs out? WHO? WHO WHO?

Flash: You take the ugly one. GL: No, you take the ugly one. Supes: I'll take the ugly one. Batman: Which one's the ugly one? J'onn: ............Yeah, a little too Raph.

Green Lantern: Ya'll Suckas just got Served!!!

Wonder Woman: U,G,L, aint got no Alibi...YOU UGLY...Yeah Yeah YOU UGLY!!! Kalibak: Don't you know that it's the inside that counts?...Despero: THIS FOREHEAD BUILDS CHARACTER! Skeletor: At least my mom thinks I'm Handsome....God I'm lonely.

Whats in your wallet?

Superman: ... wait a second. All this for a caption contest?

Superman: What'd we tell you, Dr. Destiny - "First rule of Fight Club - you do not talk about Fight Club. Second rule of Fight Club - YOU DO NOT talk about Fight Club." We warned you.

Despero: You WILL pull my finger. Hawkgirl: I WILL bash your head in.

Flash: I CAN FLY! I CAN FLY! Batman: It's just a promotional image, idiot. Flash: Bite me, Rubber Pecs. Despero: HA! Schumacher jokes never get old!

Superman: As quoted by Marcus Aurelius: "A little wisp of soul carrying a corpse." - Epictetus Despero: You're going to need an Epictetus for your gravestone when I'm through with you! Batman: Say something about his momma, Supes!

This is EASILY runner up for first place.

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