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October 22, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption CompetitionCaption Competition

Clark: Now see what happens when you go racing on the streets like that! Didnt you learn anything from "Velocity"?

Jonathan: Seriously, I dont think anyone here learned anything from "Velocity".

And the runner-ups:

Clark: Lana's dead! And it's all my fault! I've got to do something! I've gotta---

(Jonathan slips on a kryptonite ring and punches Clark hard.)

Clark: Dad! What did you hit me for?!

Jonathan: I don't know yet, Clark. But I have a feeling I won't be around long enough to do that once I figure out what you're going to do to deserve it.

" Son just make sure you get the ring back." Johnathan said. " I still have a campaign to finance and every bit counts."

Clark: Lana, just lie still. You've been an accident!

Lana: An accident? Really?!

Clark: You rolled your SUV about eight times! You don't remember that?

Lana: I remember everything suddenly spinning. But I just thought the Earth had finally come to it's senses and started revolving around me.



Jonothan: Clark, that was disgusting... And I called dibs, darn it!

Clark shows Lana the picture of the crash in her hospital bed.

Lana: I remember a flash of light and it all came crashing, afterward I felt like there was a long hard drawn out death awaiting.

Clark: ...So you don't like the show either do you?

last man of krypton
Clark: Oh no!
Jonathan: Oh no!
Waverider: (holding Kool-Aid) Oh yeah! (realising his bad timing, he sheepishly walks off)

last man of krypton
Ah, the death of Lana Lang. Could this picture have possibly been any better?
(Aaron adds a picture of a monkey)
*sniff* It's perfect...
(Aaron changes the monkey to Waverider)
(sigh) Never tamper with perfection.

SmallvilleCK: A Gold Superman! I've seen it before!
Reed Richards: The August 4, 2005 Caption Contest?
SmallvilleCK: YES!

Suntanned Superman
Waverider: My God! I must stop this unspeakable tragedy from occuring! Lana will survi-"
Waverider falls dead with a bullelt hole in the back of his head.
Neal Bailey: "WROOOOOOOONG!!"

"Clark, we can try to bring her back. But cloning is new. We might have 'Bizarro Lana.' Bizarro Lana will not be as smart as the Lana you have known. She will be imperfect, and say things that don't make sense--'Me am Lana'--etc."

Clark: Will anything be different?

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