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September 27, 2013: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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"Um, Miss Piggy, Rowlf, I'm not sure how to tell you this...I think Kermit will be fine, except for the fact that, according to my X-ray vision...he's got some guy underneath him that's got his hand and'know, actually, you all might want to get yourselves checked out, too."


Malcolm Hosford:
I know one of you ate my red underwear and nothing will stop me from going in and getting them

Miss Piggy: Oooo I just love a man in green!

"Sweet nothings" whispered through a stethoscope certainly do lose something.

It's not a stethoscope. On my world it's a portable karaoke machine.

Clark Kent: Mild-Mannered Muppet Surgeon

"With this single strand of my hair, and a nuclear reaction from the Sun, we can create a Super Grover with unlimited potential"

"No, Rowlf is the one with swine flu," Miss Piggy explained. "I've got whatever you get from making out with a frog."

Dr Reeve: "Miss Piggy can you check Rolf's temperature?"
Miss Piggy checks Rolf's temperature: "It's over 100.C Dr Reeve"
Dr Reeve: "Then he really IS a hot dog!!!"
Miss piggy: "I would like orange juice with that...
Dr Reeve :"Yes Miss Piggy, I know, freshly squeezed!"

Dr. Kent: In return for keeping my identity a secret I'll give Miss Piggy a kiss she'll never forget.
Rowlf the Dog: What about me?
Dr. Kent: My dog Krypto has you covered.

After hearing her whispered suggestion, Reeve was alarmed. "Why, Miss Piggy," he exclaimed, " that's not kosher!"

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