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June 3, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lionel: Wow. I'd have to be Mister Miracle to escape this cell. Look at the chicken wire bars. The corrugated tin walls! Very intimidating!

Guard: We really rely on a prisoner's institutionized mentality to hold them. You see, it's not so much the physical walls that holds them in, it's the cage within their minds! Mr. Luthor?

(Cell is empty with a portion of the wall kicked through.)

Guard: Damn.

Extra points for mocking how lousy the set was.

And the runner-ups:

Red Hobbes
Before any public appearance with Erica Durance, cast members are required to spend a night in isolation, and ingest a kilo of percocet. In hindsight, this explains quite alot especially if you saw those pictures on the Homepage.

super surfer
Lionel: Guard?! GUARD! This wine is supposed to be CHILLED! Not served at room temperature!
Guard: @#$%^&* "special needs" prisoners!
Paris: We heard that!

Lionel: Ah yes. I believe I ordered the slow motion, Godfather montage haircut?

All I said was Superman IV The Quest for Peace wasn't that bad.

Luthor: "It seems as though something is bursting from my stomach, sir."

*Moments later, a miniature Lana-esque alien bursts from Lionel's stomach, shrieking and flailing about as Lionel screams in agony*

Guard: "Well, that's just the damnedest thing I've seen since... well, that's just plain the damnedest thing I've ever seen..."

Lionel: Well, at least I'm rid of that son and that screwy daughter in law... rest and relaxation at last!

Lex: Ehhh...

*Lionel turns around in shock*

Lex: long are you in for, Doc? *chomps carrot*

Lana: Yeah, how long are you in for, Doc? *chomps carrot*

Da Puertorican
Lionel: Hey guard when does Paris Hilton get here?
Guard: Soon why?
Lionel: Just want to see what books she'll bring with her.
Guard: Heard a couple of good novels, including the Bible, Shakespeare, self help books!
Lionel: **move eye brow up** **sighs** Damn it, now we'll have to explain word by word the books. Why couldn't she just bring "Teen" or some magazines?!

When I said "Spread 'em," Mr. Luthor, that is not what I meant.

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