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March 27, 2015: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Superman: "It's not an S. On my planet it means sobriety."


Superman: "I figured it was only fair that everyone could see what color my underpants are..."

Chris Brockow:
Superman: "Lois, may I suggest orange juice, freshly squeezed?"

Kal L:
Lois: "Would you like a drink"
Superman: "I like pink very much Lois"... "I mean no, I never drink when I fly".

Drunk Lois: "That's a bad outfit! WOOOOO!!!"

"What color are my underwear?" Lois asked, then giggled a little as Superman blushed, realizing, after a quick scan with his super-vision, that it was a trick question.

Lois: "Why, do I drink? Why, you ask why? Why does the phone ring whenever you're in the bathtub? WHY is the most popular comic book character in the history of EVER surrounded by nincompoops who REBOOT him every six months?"

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