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January 26, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

(Sherman and Mr. Peabody float onscreen.)

Sherman: Mr. Peabody, look at that albino in the stripey pants! What an a-hole!

Mr. Peabody: Quiet, you!

(Both vanish into the time vortex.)

And the runner-ups:

The best [lick] joke of the week (for those that know only to swipe the very best):

Chronos: Mmmm, hypertime!



Chronos: Mmmm. Tastes like screaming!

It works as TWO stolen jokes of mine! I approve! And now, here are the runner ups!

Hickory Dickory Dock.
Who the heck wrote this schlock?
It really lame
It hurts my brain
How do I go make it stop?

Even after Chronos transformed himself into a giant, he did not gain the respect of the other super-beings, and was still commonly referred to as "that ridiculous Fancy Pants".

The Old Bum
Somewhere, Captain Hook has soiled himself.

Chronos! Controlling the very fabric of time! I, too, have a desire to control time. So I could go into the past, one minute before the artist began work on this comic cover, and slam his head into his own drafting table.

Somebody at DC was being highly ironic when they named this book 'Worlds Finest Comic'

Captin Armpit on January 28 2006 - 21:44:30
Superman: Why do you get the Grandfather clock, and the Clock Radio?!
Batman: At least you aren't stuck staring at captain Underpants' huge butt. Take your clocks and be happy.

Batman: Man, we're like Tom Thumb sized in this picture, what's the deal? Do you think Cyberv doesn't like us?

Superman: I know he doesn't like us.

Batman: Yeah, but he likes the Fantastic Four. And I'm like Reed Richards, but way cool, with muscles and a car. And you could beat The Thing into gravel. Firestorm can at least be comparable to Johnny Storm. So where's the problem?

Superman: No Invisible Woman.

Batman: Yeah, Sue is hot, I'll give ya that...

On some level, I find this oddly disturbing... On another, I want to remind Superman of who saved his rear when Galactus made him golden and naked.

Is it really that Chronos controls time, or does he simply create anomalies in our perception of time? For instance, every time this goofball speaks, he's so boring that it feels like a *bleeping* eternity when it's really only been three panels worth of time...

Batman: Look at that pretty cuckoo clock!

Superman: did you just say.... "pretty"?

Batman: yep...


*licks the cuckoo clock, and his tongue gets caught in the clocks door*

Batman: AHHH!!!

Chronos: MUAHAHA My trap succeeded!

Chronos: Hey, wanna see the Zebra I skinned to make these pants?

Batman, Superman: WOULD I?!?!

Superman: Ok Bruce let's see if you are such a great detictive as everyone says you are
Batman: This isn't one of your Krytonian mind tricks is it?
Superman: What?
Batman: Never mind...go ahead
Superman: Who wears referee spandexs, Diana's tiara ass a belt, Flash's boots, and combination Robin/Jon J'onns cape.
Batman: Uh I Idiot?
Superman: (looks at Chronos throws his arms up) I gotta give you that one...

And on that note, it seems it's once more time to bow out and let the chips fall where they may. In other words, I'd better scram, because Neal's on a tear about the Lana death tease on Smallville. Uh oh... Here he comes! YOINK! Until next time, I remain

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