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October 28, 2010: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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dexricon: remember how mad you were when you found out I was dating a black guy...?


Michael Ironside: Right up until the end there that was some of the best flying I've ever seen. You never leave your wingman Maverick...never.
Tom Welling: Man, kills me everytime. Now do a line from um....
Erica Durance: OOH I know Karate Kid 4
Tom Welling: No, Scanners!

Clark: Look, I know who you really are, and if you think I'm letting you turn Earth into a new Apokolips...
Gen. Lane: What are you talking about?
Clark: Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else. There's something about that voice.

Gral: You know... I met batman while filming terminator salvation
Clark: Yeah? how was that?
Gral: I heard he trashed some man's lights

General Lane: You know Kent, you remind me of this guy I knew in the service. He's dead now.

Clark: Oh, you're in the armed services. That's cute.

Gen Lane: So I picked up this strange metal object with weird symbols on it and next thing I know I'm in this strange ice palace, I found a weird tight rubber outfit with a cape,but that isn't what bothers me Clark, I found your home movies... now I know why Pete really left Smallville.

General Lane: "Clark, do you like movies about Turkish prisons?"

"So, tell Chloe, I've talked to every man involved in the rescue from the exploding safe house. Nobody remembers what we did with her dad. But I'm sure he'll turn up eventually".

GEN LANE: "Laugh it up, kiddies. In a few years it will be YOU playing the old, fat and saggy parents, standing across the room from two new, hot and horny tween actors playing the very same characters you were famous for playing 20 years earlier."
LOIS: "Howismom?"

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