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October 30, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

"Greetings. I am from the planet Paradise where all the women are perfect. I have come to return you to your home, Queen La-Na. Your work here is done."

Lana: "I knew it!"

And the runner-ups:

Somebody took the red pill...

I can't believe Keith hired Lana to kill Elliot for breaking his heart.

Now is the time on Sprockets... er, Smallville when we dance.

Wow, Lana with a sour expression. Never seen that before...

Lana: I'm from the future. My mission is to destroy John Conner.

Lana: I have been sent here by my Master Aaron Thall to annihilate all turtle jokes. He doesn't find them funny. At all.

But... I like turtles.

Lana: It's 106 miles to Metropolis, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, 80 pounds of pancakes and no syrup.

Clark: Hit it, retard.

Lois: "Look, a ninja!"

Clark: "Where?"

Lois: "Below Lana's head."

Clark: "I don't see it."

Lois: "Exactly."

Lana: "I'm here to apply for the position of editor of the Lana Lang column."

Grant Gabriel: "We don't have a Lana Lang column."

Lana: "WHAT???"

Lana: Soon, Lex's empire will crumble, and my ingenious plan for revenge will be complete!

(Suddenly, Ben the PA runs up and pushes her off the balcony.)

Lana: Waaaaugh!!!

jimmy mac
When I was young and just a bad little kid,
My momma noticed funny things I did.
Like shootin' puppies with a BB-Gun.
I'd poison guppies, and when I was done,
I'd find a pussy-cat and bash in it's head.
That's when my momma said...
(What did she say?)
She said my girl I think someday
You'll find a way
To make your natural tendencies pay...

You'll be on Smallville.
You have a talent for causing things pain!
Son, be on smallville.
People will pay you to be inhumane!

And though it may cause the fanboys distress.
Somewhere...Somewhere in heaven above me...
I know...I know that my momma's proud of me.
"Oh, Momma..."

'Cause I'm amazing...
And a success!

Lana, when her Henson puppeteer is on lunch break.



Personality wise, though, she's much closer to a Skeksi.

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