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March 30, 2012: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Well, looks like DC's got another Superman/Bugs Bunny team-up in the works.


Tonight we induct one of the greatest into the Latino Film Hall of Fame, Jorge Reevez. Jorge grew up in a small town outside of Saltillo. He would entertain the entire village by tying a towel around his neck and jumping out of the same window over and over. He caught a break in 1981, Mexico would have their own Superman television show. He was cast immediately because of his name and his eagerness to jump out of windows. Sadly, because of Mexico's lax filming-safety-regulations, Jorge never made it to episode #4. Here he is moments before his tragic death in episode #3 which was ironically titled "Superhombre: Toros Declarar la Muerte de Superhombre."
He was just 87 years old.
RIP Jorge Reevez (1894-1981)

jimmy mac:
"Lois wantsRocky Mountain Oystersfor dinner, shegetsRocky Mountain Oystersfor dinner!"

Bull: "Yeah, A BIG, FLOWING, ***RED*** CAPE! Really smart, there, Superman. Just brilliant."

It's because of those 'Got Milk?' ads I made, isn't it?

Batman: Knock, knock.
Superman: Who's there?
Batman: Interrupting bull.
Superman: Interrupting bull w----

Red Kryptonite had a REAL unexpected effect on Krypto

Hemingway thought comic books were overrated?

a young tony curtis:
Spanish comic convention turns ugly when drunken Cosplayer stumbles into a bull ring and insults the bulls costume for not looking realistic enough.

Only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superman, and that's you...Oh my god, oh my god, turn off the frequency! TURN OFF THE FREQUENCY!...I want to kill him.

Another deleted scene from Jon Peter's vision of Superman

Michael: "How many comments did Gillis put in this time?"
Jeffrey: "Only twenty-two this time."
Michael: "Not enough, he has to do as least fifty for a pity vote!"

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