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March 3, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Superboy: " weigh a little more than a hundred and eight!"

See that thing on my belt there? Grab it! And no, by the way, that's not vulgar. It's a reference. Okay, I see offended mothers in the distance. SHIELDS! Mothers: Where does he get such wonderful toys?

The runner-ups:

Superboy: So, Lana, you like carrots?

WHY did that make me burst out laughing? I'm nuts.

Lana: Be excellent to each other. Superboy: Party on, dudes!

WB Exec: This is so faithful to the comics! Right costume, right mood, right look----this is not how we do things! You're fired!

Unbkenonst to many this is the Bizarro Clark and Lana that were scrapped for Season Four in favor of the Isabella arc.

Wild Bill
Superboy proudly displays the new and improved Stepford Lana.

If it comes with a remote, I'll buy it. I'm still ticked they never got a Nicole Kidman model.

With the actual viewers of Smallville dropping because of poorer and poorer storylines, the WB started cutting costs and using clips from the old Superboy television show. Lucky for them, only Neal Bailey, and the one other viewer who watches the show and reads Neal's review were the only ones who remembered any previous episodes of Smallville.

Ha ha! Very funny! I'll have you know there are people out there who read the review WITHOUT watching the show! It's true. Thanks, mom! Actually, the sad end to that joke is that my mother doesn't read my work on this page at all. Oh, lament! See, Steven, you had to go and make me cry!

Hey, look! I caught a Lana! But I'll have to toss her back - she's under the passive-aggressive limit.

Like her modern day counterpart on Smallville, this incarnation Lana Lang held some very strong opinions. For instance, she thought that Lex Luthor was "grody to the max," while Superboy was "totally radical!"

Unknown to them at the time, the Milking Tractor silently stalked them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash the fury of Pocket Heroes upon Smallville once more.

And I have the PERFECT picture for the next time y'all are naughty, so don't push it!

The psychiatrist was trying to get the bottom of Neal Bailey's Lana-Rage. He held up a photograph of Annette O' Toole. Neal smiles. The psychiatrist speaks softly into his hand held tape recorder. "Subject showing signs of positive feelings to first picture." He then holds up a picture of Gerard Christopher holding Stacy Haiduk in his arms. Neal kind of shrugs. "Subject shows no discernible reaction to the second picture." He then holds up a picture of Kristen Kreuk. Neal slaps the doctor out of his chair. The psychiatrist slowly pulls himself into the chair and speaks into the taper recorder: "Ahem. Have ascertained that the subject's homicidal fixation with the character of Lana Lang is television series specific."

Not one, not two, but three laughs for this one.

Superboy: Nothing comes between my Calvin Klein underwear and me. Except my pants.

Sneakymonkey: I know it might not be fair to judge by your predecessors, Stacy, but Annette O'Toole never had split ends or horrible bangs. Also, she had much bigger--- Steve Younis: Cease and desist! Or be banished into the Phantom Zone...

Yaaaaaay, Ive got Lana, Mister...Yaaaaaaaay!

Only funny because I love that show.

High on red kryptonite, Superboy abducts Lana and races off to Las Vegas to be married in a Elvis themed wedding chapel.

You forgot the part about it being to the tune of an Elvis song.

Do you think Superboy and the Young Indiana Jones, and the kids from Weird Science TV show ever get together for a beer, and wonder what went wrong?

What's worse...that that's probably true, or that I actually watched all three of those series in their day and ENJOYED them?

Wild Bill
Sadly, five minutes after this picture was taken, Luthor showed up and killed everybody.

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