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February 12, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Clark: I know Kung fu

Lana: I know Lana fu

Lex: I know Gun fu

(Lex shoots both in the head)

Lex: Face it, gun. You're amazing.

And the runner-ups:

Clark: Sarah Connor? Come with me if you want to li.......LANA!!!!! Oh my god, do you want a ride?

Drives off with Lana

Sarah: That's some bull***t right there.

Clark Kent. Rearranging furniture, wrecking weddings, and burning down fields after getting a little too close to his mom for six seasons.

Im trying to figure out something funny to write to this picture. Then, Ill try to squeeze blood out of a rock.

Preach it, brother.

Kal: No, I'm starting to transform! Not now! Gaaaugh!!

(Kal Keels over, contorting, and falls off screen. A minute later he stands back up whereing a blue flannel shirt and red jacket.)

Clark (spastically): Laben flaben! Nice laaady!!! Goo.

After i get the leather hat and mustache, i can meet up with the Indian chief, the sailor and the hot cop.

Ever notice that when Clark gets dosed with red K, he put's on the exact same leather jacket and sunglasses? Which means he's not throwing away Kal's stuff after everythings back to normal, and everyone's forgiven him? Filled with remorse, my #$%.

I look very similar when I watch Smallville these days. Except in addition to wearing very dark sunglasses, I also wear headphones. And hit myself on the head with a hammer until me not think so good. So far, I've rated every episode 5 out of 5 this season, so it seems to be working...

super surfer
Clark: I like the taste of leather.

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