Caption Contest

March 8, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lois: You better get me out of here before I end up in last week's picture.

And the runner-ups:

neal bailey
Like my new chestplate? It's T! My new name is Mr. T. I know it was already taken, but no worries. I killed the old one. He was insolent. Called me fool. Illogical.

Neal? Never mess with Mr. T. Have you seen him at Guy's beaten Megatron, Unicron, Godzilla... Seriously, just splash drugged milk on him and RUN AWAY!

Neal here, for a brief moment. Just wanted to say NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE messes with T. Neal knows this. Brainiac doesn't, which is why he always gets pwned. But point taken, my man.

Superman: Alright, Brainiac. You keep the spotlight goin, and we'll see how high her skirt flies up when I drop her.

Lois thought that the commercial director was going a bit far to prove that Secret is strong enough for a Superman, but made for a woman.

Brainiac: (pause)


(looks at hand)


It is lemon flavored, Kal-El. Do you desire to taste it?

Superman: I can smell it you know, and that's NOT lemon.

Brainiac & Superman: "I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...."
Lois: "Shut up!"

Brainiac: You may have survived my Happy Sunshine Ray, but let's see how you
fare against my Rainbow Blasts and Kitten Torpedoes!

Superman: ...uh wha?!

(Brainiac shoots off energy blasts furiously as Superman weaves in and out of their path, spinning and diving.)

Superman: You're going to have to do better than that, Brainiac! Right, Lois? Lois? (Looks back and sees just a smoking arm.) Oops...

It's even funnier if you've read the recent arc in Marvel Team-Up. But will we ever see an alliance between Arana's arm, Risk's arm, and Pantha's head?

Spoon AZ
Superman: I never go anywhere without my woobie.

As horrible as Brainiac's ultimate goal is, it did yield one positive result this time around. Brainiac's latest attempt to accumulate knowledge began with DC's World's Finest comics series. He read every issue then destroyed all known copies, saving us from anymore contest pics of their ilk. We are in his debt.


Announcer: "In this corner we have caption-king of the ring...Sneakymonkey! And in this corner we have crowned ruler or the keyboard...KingGramJohnson! Now guys I wanna clean fight. No hits below the belt and for goodness sake no more leaving pepole in the cold to die!"

Superman: (Clears throat) Umm, hello...isn't anyone paying attention to the actual picture? You know the one you're supposed to be captioning on?

Lois: "Yeah, I'm not getting my arm yanked off for nothing!"

Brainiac: (pouting) "They're missin my yellow death-ray!"

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