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May 5, 2008: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lex: *wipes away a tear* Ah, good old dad. Remember what he always said to me, Clark?

Clark: You're losing your hair?

Lex: No. The other thing.

Clark: Get out?

And the runner-ups:

Looks like Doomsday couldn't find a bathroom...

Rosenbaum: John's gone and I've got one foot out the door. Let's put it out of its misery, guys, I've already dug the hole.

Welling: Michael...?

Rosenbaum: Not you, Tom, the show.

Clark: what are you looking for Lex?

Lex: this week's plot

Clark: any luck?

Lex: been at it for 9 months with no luck.

Clark: Umm... did... did you bury his wallet?
Lex: ...Grab a shovel.

Lex: So, this is where the integrity of the show is buried?
Clark: Yeah, it's been there for 5 years apparently. We've been using it as a place to take a crap.
Lex: Really??
Clark: *points to episode where Lana's a vampire*
Lex: Well played.

Clark: Nice spot you picked. Wait, what are these other stones? "Here lies Tina Greer. Here lies Titan. Here lies Plant Girl." Who are these people?

Lex: At least I remember the people I kill!

Tom Welling: Where is everybody?

Michael Rosenbaum: The funeral's off. It turns out Allison was right. Steve wasn't dead after he used his powers to heal the Superman Homepage - just dead tired. He's fine now.

Tom; That's a relief! Where would we all be without him?

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