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September 10, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Due to criticisms of just about everyone, instead of Smallville season six, the CW opted instead to simply air reruns of Lois and Clark. They needed to bring in the women viewers and are now calling their network by the name "Chicks Wanted." This beats out the former nickname the network had for the show "Can't Write."

And the runner-ups:

Either costume it still looks like his mom made dressed him.

Clark: "So Lois... like the card? I drew it myself"

Lois: "Well, Clark, it's um... it's sweet. Really, REALLY sweet. In fact, it's sickeningly sweet. Sweet enough to make all my teeth rot at once from cavities. So sweet that the only thing that'll keep me from gagging is if I open the card and see your fist popping out--"

Clark: "Alright, alright, so you don't like the card! I get it!"

Darkseid: You may have thwarted my plans to conquer Earth, Kal-El, but as soon as this image has been broadcast all over the globe, nothing can prevent the humiliation you will face!

Aaron Thall wishes he looked that good.

... (smacks SmallvilleCK with the Stinky Sock Award)

dream man turns into a nightmare when the suit comes off to reveal a third nipple.

Sneakymonkey (Logs on and sees picture. Stares. Calmly logs off, then shuts down computer, unplugs it, and heaves it out the window. Sits back down and opens a book.): Sigh...

Wait a minute. If the super suit is laying behind him, then what is Clark wearing under that--- oh. Ewww.

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