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February 18, 2008: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

super surfer
Superman: That cab didn't even leave a mark on you! You must be Kryptonian!
Perry: Nope. These new car fenders crush on impact.
Superman: To absorb the force of the collision?
Perry: No, they're just crap.

And the runner-ups:

jimmy mac
Perry: "Superman, when I asked you to stop a cab for me, a nice loud whistle would have sufficed!"

Perry: "ETERNIA IS MINE..........I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

It gets a nod just because I'm a huge "He-Man" fan.

Perry: "Nice outfit. Do they make them for men?"

Brandon: So you played Skeletor?
Frank: I don't want to talk about it.
Brandon: Too soon?
Frank: Drop it newbie.

Fun tidbit: Superman's FOUGHT Skeletor. It's true.

Superman: Well, my work is done here.

Perry: What about the fifty foot frickin globe in the middle of the street!

Superman: Uh..yoink!

Perry: Hey! HEY!

Superman: I help those who help themselves!!!

Perry: By the way, how did they get that plane off the baseball field?

Superman: Man, I knew there was something I forgot!

Perry: May I?
Superman: No, I said!
Perry: Pleeese?!?
Superman: Uhg... go ahead.
Perry: *Lick*
Superman: Nasty...
Perry: Tasty...

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