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November 18, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Lex: "I must admit, it took some time and expense, but it'll be worth it to have dominated the Superman film franchise so completely that by the time your creators' estates ratchet up their lawsuits, your flights across the big screen will be (takes a sip) grounded indefinitely."
Superman: "You're a sick, twisted dreamer, Lex! Your plan couldn't possibly work!"


super surfer:
Supes: Say, Jim! That's a bad outfit!

Bizarro Brainiac:
Lex: Trust me. It is going to be LEGEN-waaait for it-DARY.

The difference between you and me? Showmanship!

S-man: Freshen Your Drink, Governor?

Hannibal King:
Lex:You don't need to see my identification... I'm not the criminal mastermind you're looking for.
Superman:Nice try, Luthor.

And now a message from Lex Luthor...the most interesting man in the world.
I don't always drink beer... but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
Stay thirsty Kal-el...

Superman: I know your plan is fiendish and diabolical, but could you hurry it up with the exposition?

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