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November 14, 2014: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Ma Kent: "Pa, I keep tellin' ya, helping me with the laundry does NOT mean you can try on Clark's costume! Now put it it back on the line!!"


Thomas Lang:
Ma, how times do I have to tell you not to hang my cape on the cloths line?!

I told her not to put her whites in with my red cape.

Fortunately I can hang my suit on the line as no one recognises me without my wig.

Batman secretly took this pic then posted it online.

New Alex Ross interview exclusively for Superman Homepage!

After burning up the first cape using heat vision to try to dry it quickly, Superman goes with the tried and true method.

Mize El:
I know you're trying to find out where I hang my cape. You won't.

chris brockow:
I hate it when birds fly over my washed cape.

Next week on Big Brother Superhero Edition...

The neighbors watched - some in hope - some in fear - to see if he was going to hang up the rest of the costume.

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