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December 2, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Batman: Nope, no plot in here either.

And the runner-ups:

Superman: "The Crown of Crime! Yes! Just what I need to match my Tights of reason and Speedo of Salaciousness!"

(Heh. Alliteration always amuses.)

Batman: Superman, we're going to take over Earth.
Superman: Really? Dibs.
(incinerates Batman)

Ian S
Batman: I shall cut the globe.

Superman: And I shall move my arms..

Togther: And together, we... shall.. DANCE!!!

Superman: "Batman, why did you only get us one throne?"
Batman: "That's because we're going to play musical chairs, Superman! If I lose, you'll become the sole ruler of Earth! But if I win--"
Superman: "Then I'll sit on your lap and push down with all my weight until I crush your lap to powder? Sounds fair! When do we start?"

Superman: Batman! What have you done???

Batman: By destroying this part of the world, I've taken care of Marvel
Comics and Todd McFarlane. It won't be long now before I'm king of the comics!

Superman: That's vile! That's sick! That's mad!

Batman: Next: Joel Schumacher.

Superman: By all means, continue.

Just promise me DC accquired Fantastic Four BEFORE you annihilated
Marvel, and we won't have any problems, ya dig?


Batman: I already figured out "Lost". They had it coming.

Superman: Gosh, Batman - there's no Pokemon in there! He must have gotten away.
Batman: Oh no! Not my Growlithe! I was going to use him to find out how Robin really feels about me...

...(smacks Shakamarke for referencing That-Which-Shall-Remain-Shunned)

Batman: Peace! Peace! Peace...
(music starts)
Superman: A little piece of Poland, a little piece of France, a little slice of Turkey...

Batman: Remember back a couple weeks ago when the pic was of Robin and me
taking your powers...well this makes even less sense.

Wow, I guess this cover proves it. Everybody was on drugs during the sixties.

Superman: What, I don't even get the Fortress of Solitude in my portion?
You're a (censored).
Batman: I know.

And yet, they're still not as creepy as that king guy in the Burger King commercials. *brrrr*

Both (singing and dancing chorus line style): We're men, MANLY men, we're men
in tights. Yeah!

Batman: Okay, here's your portion.
Superman: It figures you'd take so much more. You always were the one Justice Leaguer with a Napoleon complex, what with you being short on---
Batman: Don't say it!
Superman: ---super powers.
Batman: I use skills in various disciplines honed to perfection through years of practice and a keen analytical mind!
Superman: And batarangs.

Perhaps never before has any image, in the entirety of comicdom, so filled me with an overwhelming desire to make mine Marvel.

The man is talking sense, people! And on that note, I'm outta here, and back to my anime binge.

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