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March 4, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

jimmy mac
Popeye, under the bizarre influence of Red Spinach.

And the runner-ups:

Jimmy Olsens:

jimmy mac
Today's special: Two breasts and two thighs for just $2.99

Suntanned Superman
My idea of Heavan on Earth: A hot chick and fast food!

jimmy mac
Four Degrees of Separation: Robin Williams was in POPEYE with Ray Walston who was in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH with Judge Reinhold who was in RUTHLESS PEOPLE with Helen Slater who starred in SUPERGIRL!

And I like to run around in a skirt. No! Wait! That's not a degree, he-

jimmy mac
TWO Degrees of Separation: Gene Hackman played "Popeye" Doyle in THE FRENCH CONNECTION and was in SUPERMAN with Marc McClure who was in SUPERGIRL with Helen Slater.

Pffft! One degree of separation. Chicken legs! Hey-o!

When the Popeye's protestors said no one would be crossing the picket line, they meant it.


Only through strict compliance with her
directions will the lives of
innocent millions be ... (sudden desperation)
Popeye, if you can hear me ...
Popeye, where ...

There is a "squawk" as the mike is taken from him. KARA
comes on screen, sneers at the PRESIDENT.

Who is this.... Popeye?

PRESIDENT: You'll find out, lady! And when you do ...

KARA (raging into camera): Come to me, Popeye! If you dare! I defy you! Come! Come, and kneel before KARA!

I yam what I yam, AS YOU DESERVE TO!

Supergirl: I have came to save you from the dangers of fast food!!!

If I said why this one was funny, I'd be action figured.

super surfer
Other places use bosons, muons, leptons, anti-higgs, anti-particles, and even positrons to fry their chicken. But at Popeyes, we only use natural heat vision to cook chicken right without losing its juicy flavor.

Ding! Busiek five.

Order at Popeyes now and you will get a free Omegahedron with your meal.

With the delta and alphaohedron happy meals, you'll have the whole set!*

*Made in China

Red Hobbes
The many sides of Supergirl. Hero. Feminist. Pin Up. Icon. Chicken Spokeswoman.

Tiananmen Square Guy for Bulldozers. Only girl. Aw, he-

Red Hobbes
"Have a cluckity-cluck cluck day, Hurley."

Meteors hate fast food. Fat guys love tiny vans. Universal truths.

last man of krypton
Generic Fan: Mr Gough, you took the very unexpected action of firing Tom Welling and replacing him with Helen Slater. How exactly will this tie "Smallville" in to any mythos, whether comic or movie?
Gough: This will all make sense, stay tuned!

Ding! Someone's been reading the updated advice.

When the fanboys took Helen Slater hostage, their production of "Supergirl meets 7 of 9" began.

A double feature at the grindhouse with The Fall of Troi: A Different Kind of Leia. Aw, he-


The winner of the "Ultimate Smallville Fan" contest, Tracey Duval, from Greensborough, TX. Tracey outright admitted in her submission video that she had never even watched the show, and only wanted to get exposure in the hopes of becoming an actress. But, as Al and Miles so often prove on the show, in the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" of life, a cute hiney beats logic every time.

Modus Tollens.

After a night of heavy smoking, so begins "Supergirl and Zod go to Popeye's"!

Insert obligatory "The Green K" joke here.

Kara decides to drop crime fighting in favor of fighting the evils of fried food, hydrogenated oil and other edible atrocities.



The Popeye's in Otisburg, Nevada... the place all defilers of comic book movie franchises must work at for all eternity as punishment for their crimes.

Helen Slater mans the advertisement outside.

Adam West runs the register.

Mark "Nuclear Man" Pillow does drive-thru.

Joel Schumacher was the fry cook until he was summarily fired and banished to the Phantom Zone for refusing to stop putting rubber nipples on the chicken breasts.

Voted Most Likely to Die Horriblely at the Hands of an Evil Demigod Created in the Beginning of Time.

It was a weird high school...

The Anti-Hall Monitor.

If you're reading this, you're wasting your time because it has absolutley nothing to do with the picture.

Ah! You have learned the first lesson of not being seen. Do not stand up!

Not since the commemorative Return of the Jedi Burger King glasses featuring Princess Leia in the golden bikini has a fast food franchise so unfairly played on both my love of sci fi and hot hotties.

You forget Value Meal 7 of 9, with Borg chunks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, an early scene from David Lynch's new film.

We don't know what it means, either.

But it's like, SO deep, man.

Here is where 1bigray's pic would have gone, had we been able to record it for posterity without risking loosing it from photobucket. Still, a nod!

There are so many comments involving "drive-up window" and Supergirl's choice of attire that would result in instant permanent banning, but are so close to being worth it.


::Slowly lowers action figure.::

Supergirl: Wow, I had this dream where I was actually a juvenile delinquent girl from Earth who was nearly killed in a meteor storm only to kidnapped at the last second by an evil version of my uncle Jor-El, who kept me trapped in the wall of a cave for fourteen years, imbuing me with Kryptonian superpowers and false memories, only releasing in order to bait cousin Clark into getting sucked into the wall, too! Not only that, but he had me walk around naked all the time and try to seduce Clark, under the pretense that we were the last of our kind, and needed to re-start the Kryptonian race. Then once Jor-el had gotten what he wanted, he killed me! Is that a retarded dream, or what? Sheesh...

You forgot "Stay tuned!" And Poland.

Caught in a rip in time and space which transports her to the Marvelverse, Kara Zor-El becomes a proud member of the Kentucky Fried Avengers.

Iron Man is a FASCIST!

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