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September 23, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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BATMAN: "OMG, CK. LL just TWEETED about you again..."


Superman: Ya know Bruce, maybe Luthor would have a little more trouble tracking us if you stopped updating your twitter while we're on the run!
Batman: (Typing) Get chewed out by the Man of Steel.

Bizarro Brainiac:
Batman: If I do this just right we'll both have 30 lives when we play Contra.

Batman: "Tea, Earl Gray, Hot."

the speeding bullet:
Superman: Isn't that the same old computer that Adam West used?

jimmy mac:
Superman's inner monologue:
"You don't bring me flowers...
You don't sing me love songs...
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through the door
At the end of the day!"

Batman, why are you tickling that TV?

super surfer:
Batman: Sorry, Clark. I still can't see Smallville's continuity.

Superman: While you were busy "detecting" I went out and stopped crime.
Batman: That's nice, Clark.
Superman: I mean, like, all of it.
Batman: I hate you.

Bizarro Brainiac:
Superman learns just how seriously Batman takes Where's Waldo?

Superman: You're wasting your time. I already examined that with my microscopic vision, which is even more powerful than your microscope.
Batman: I know what to look for.
Superman: Because you're "The World's Greatest Detective", right?
Batman: So I hear.
Superman: I'm not exactly an amateur myself.
Batman: I don't want to wake Alfred. Why don't you zoom up to the kitchen and make us some coffee.
Superman: I know every detail of every exhibit in the Smithsonian! I can read the entire Library of Congress in 10 minutes and remember every word!
Batman: Then you'll remember - black, no sugar.
Superman:. . . Yeah. Be right back.

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