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September 24, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

I'm Green Arrow. I steal talent from those who have rich acting skills and give it to poor actors. I heard the Smallville set was the place to make a donation. Where is this "Kristin Kreuk" they told me about?

And the runner-ups:

neal bailey
Clark: I haven't seen this much green since...oh, the last HUNDRED SIXTEEN VILLAINS!

neal bailey
Clark: What are you? Rock man? Beetlejuice? You fly or something? Come on, come on, I haven't got all day.

Green Arrow: I shoot arrows!

Clark: I will crush the life from your body.

Green Arrow: ... (wets self).

Welling: "Isn't Green Arrow supposed to have a Robin Hood beard or something?"

Hartley: "I'll let you know when puberty kicks in."

Justin: Ok, seriously, who designed this costume, huh? I look like a freakin' bug. I'M AQUAMAN PEOPLE!!! I SHOULDN'T LOOK LIKE A BUG!!!

Al: Um... Justin. We're shooting Samllville. We scrapped Aquaman a long time ago... You're Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow.

Justin: Oh... well in that case.... I'M THE FREAKIN' GREEN ARROW PEOPLE!!! I SHOULDN'T LOOK LIKE A BUG!!!

"I know it's ugly but at least it doesn't have nipples"

"Excuse me, Green Lantern?"
"Just kidding, I know who Booster Gold is."

Justin Hartley: OK, what happened to 'No tights, no flights'?
Producers: That's for Tom Welling.
Justin Hartley: I was Aquaman, for Pete's sake.
Producers: We don't mention Pete around here.
Justin Hartley: Can I at least lose the codpiece?
Producers: You were Aquaman, you should like cod.
Justin Hartley: Forget this, I'm going back to Passions.
Producers: There is a mermaid on that show, Aquaman.
Justin Hartley: ARGH!!!!!

Superman... check.
Aquaman... check.
Cyborg... check.
The Flash... check.
Green Arrow... check.

Stan Lee: Now, all I have left to do is use my mind control powers to force the producers of Smallville to ruin the reputations of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Hawkman and Marvel Comics will rule supreme in the world!!!

Clark Kent: Hey! It's Morphin' time!
Green Arrow: Power Rangers joke. Very funny... Not.
Clark Kent: Where did you park your Dragonzord?
Green Arrow: Keep them coming, farm boy.
Clark Kent: Oliver Queen... Tommy Oliver...
Green Arrow: Any more?
Clark Kent: Your enemy is Lord Zedd, mine is Lord Zod.
Green Arrow: I have a Kryptonite arrow, you know.
Clark: Touche.

Considering that he looks like an insect, Masked Rider refs would ahve been better. Plus he doesn't have a helmet.

last man of krypton


Green Arrow: That is SO wrong, on at least four different levels.

With the rising concern of violence in the media, Oliver Queen tries an new approach to vigilantism..........laughing criminals into submission.

Lex: Once, while on business in Kyoto, I happened upon a Buddhist temple. Etched into a column near the entrance, there was a scene of a bowman preparing to fire, with the point of the arrow facing inward. It reminded me of the old Zen saying that in the art of archery the marksman fundamentally must take aim at himself. So you have to ask yourself, Oliver, what is it you're really after?

Green Arrow: That's funny. Once, while on the way in to breaking in here ten minutes ago, I happened upon some graffiti in the alley. It said "Lex is a tool." Now shut your yapper and let's dance, bald man.

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