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May 26, 2005: Caption Contest

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sneakymonkey<BR> Lois: You know, when I graduated high school, the General gave me a trip to Hawaii! Chloe: My dad got me this new VW for graduation! What did your dad get you, Clark? Clark (looking mopey): A meteor shower threatening to destroy the earth...

The runner-ups:

neal bailey
Lois: Chloe, does your expression EVER change? (Lois turns to Clark) I'm serious! It doesn't! All she has is incredulity! At least I have whiney AND tense. Clark: Obviously, that means Chloe's being attacked by a man who can make people's expressions stay frozen. Chloe (incredulous): What?

Chloe: It finally happened. Neal got too close to Lana and the military got called in. Clark: As long as she isn't near a chopper and the meteors, she'll be fine.

Super Scottyboy
Lois: Wow, Clark! Your Red Zone antiperspirant is not only strong enough to prevent unwanted pit stains, but it also evaporates rain spots!

Hannibal King
Lois: Can you believe the last one actually won? Clark: If there's a steady paycheck... I'll believe anything you say...

Hannibal King
Lois: Can you believe how stupid Hannibal King's last comment was? Clark: Can you believe you've lived with me in Smallville and have seen me without glasses yet you still can't tell I'm Superman in the future?

Judging is hard. You have to be all judgey and stuff. It's like writing reviews. Not everyone can agree. But it's ALWAYS funny to laugh last. Mwu ha ha! Judgey. Is that even a word?

Lois to Clark & Chloe: "It's true guys, they're moving us to Thursday, we're screwed"!

And here we see a bunch of people talking and making funny faces. But that's not important. Look at the soldier who appears on picture #2. In a moment he will be smashed by a meteor rock and he will turn into a frakin' zombie. THAT'S important.

Jason Spidey: I take it back. THESE are the worst Caption Pictures ever.

Oh, you just wait until you see what I have arranged for when people are naughty again. And it will happen. I feel it in my bones. It involves the 80s. You will all feet a boot so far up yon nethers yon proctologist will shy away! This picture will be Heaven ITSELF!

Clark: So what was the deal with that Dr. Thomas Wayne speaker? He was so boring! Lois: Yeah, someone should shoot that guy!

(Pic 1) Lois: Yeah, you guys get to graduate, and I'll be stuck traveling Europe with my dad, but... (Pic 2) *flinging arms wide* I'll always have these!!

Almost censored for graphic content, but I'm gonna assume he meant her arms. Besides, it's funny.

CHLOE: My research of the Site of Weird reveals that Barry Freiman - not Aaron - first referred to Neal Bailey as Beetle Bailey. LOIS: Get over yourself cuz. There are no original ideas -- that's why I'm gonna become a reporter after you die/get committed/move to Europe/get stolen by flighty Lucy.

This is true. Barry was the first, Aaron the second. But NEITHER of you were the first to call me "Hey, kid, get back here!". Thanks. I'm here all week. Try the reviews.

Clark: Lois missed graduation. Chloe:. I know. Clark: I am so bummed. Lois: You know what would make this all better? Chloe: What? Lois& Clark together: Orange Mocha Frappuaccino!!!

Neal Bailey: This is 19 minutes and 4 seconds in. It is clearly raining. Now observe at 19 minutes and 10 seconds. The rain has stopped and everyone is completely dry. Let's view that footage again. Back and to the leftÖback and to the leftÖback and to the left...

The bullet would have to actually TURN in motion, come back the other way, and exit out of Lana's brain for her to actually be THAT passive aggressive.

Wait a second - in a town where people turn into liquid metal terminators, witches inhabit bodies, an alien race has set up a stronghold underground, and where the laws of physics are just generally broken on a weekly basis, we're making a big deal about a few darn raindrops?

Wait a second...are we making a big deal about making a big deal about a few darn raindrops?

Lois: I just don't get why Clark was voted Most Likely to Get Even with CyberV for the Toy Picture Last Week.

Left: Clark without Old Spice Red Zone. Right: Clark with Old Spice Red Zone.

Not even Superman can avoid the splash of his own show jumping the shark.

Lois: I had a horrible nightmare. About some guy in a red cape. Clark: That's nothing. I had a dream that I was made of plastic. I had a gigantic Frankenstein head and a huge torso on tiny little legs and a bunch of people made fun of me for a whole week. It's kind of hazy now, but I think I remember some drunken sailors being there, too. Chloe: Weird.

And during the Graduation Ceremony, Clark receives a special commendation for all the students he rescued in the halls of Smallville High School over his four years there. He is then told that he will receive his diploma after he pays the bill for all the doors he ripped off the hinges during those rescues.

Chloe: It could be worse. We could be written by Chuck Austen or Azzarelo.

Smallville Editor 1: Hey look, we can't put the scenes together like that... it started to rain during taping. Editor 2: Yeah, you're right! Let's take this to the director - - *they turn to leave the room and are halted in their tracks by a large figure blocking the way* Editor 1: Oh my god! Large Figure: Zod.

Chloe: Oh my, it's raining. That must mean the villain was driving down the highway in the middle of the night, crashed and landed on meteor rock. It all makes sense now. Lois: See, Clark? Why can't you do that?

What in the world...there's a vulgarity in that caption somewhere. I don't know where, but I can SMELL it! I'll find it! You watch!

Picture 1: Everything is calm. The girl in the red dress in the background stares at the camera. The director snaps and fires of a round of live ammo into the crowd. Picture 2: People go insane, running for cover. Director: Alright, action!

Lois: C'mon Clark! Ok, now close your eyes and pretend you're running. Faster, faster, faster, (hits Clark in the forehead openhanded) Oops, hit a tree!

A game best played with five-year-olds. Trust me.

i don't have time to look through all the catpions so i really hope this one isn't here but here it goes ::::: Lois : (in scruffy voice) hmmm... i'm a magician chloe... from now on i want you to call me betty! mmm...wet shirt! Clark: Betty? Really? :Lois: yes...betty...mmm...dry shirt!

SO awesome. If everyone else would get it besides us cool people, this would have won.

Captain Backfir3
Alright guys, it's morphin' time.

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