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September 10, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Bizarro Brainiac:
It's the Monochromatic Blur!


One does not wear Blue and Red after Labor Day.

"Kryptonians in Black." New this fall on the CW.

Just be happy it isn't electric blue.

I'm a big boy today!

chris brockow:
This episode directed by Tim Burton.

Tom welling is seen here ready to shoot the new music video for Smallville: The Kryptonian Went Down to Georgia

I miss Lex so much! Maybe if I wear his clothes for a while, it'll make me feel better.

Random fan: Say, Jim, that's one bad outfit!
Clark: Thanks!
Random fan: No seriously, that outfit is bad.

Are you talking to me?
Are you talking to ME?
'Cause I don't see anyone else here.

New Superman Director: Ok...we have listened to everyone's complaints on Superman Returns. Thanks to a ton of fan letters and comments across several websites we now understand what the fans really want.
Fan: Oh thank God!
Director: Yes...we know you want something much darker.
Fan: Ya...wait...what? No thats not what we said
Director: It's obvious that the reason SR failed was it was too light and cheerie.
Fan: you even read the websites?
Director: Superman is dark and angsty.
Fan: Um...have you ever even read a Superman comic?
Director: I'm such a huge Superman fan.
Fans stare blankly
Director: So without further delay..I present you the new Superman costume.
Tom Welling walks out. Absolute silence..........
Director: Is that not the most badass costume you ever saw?
Fans in horror across their faces
Director: Oh it gets even them the kryptonite swords!
Fans lower their head into their hands.

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