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December 9, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lana: "Wake up! I am NOT that boring."

Grant: "Huh, wha?"

Lana: "I said, print this st..."

Grant: *snore*

Lana: "D@mmit!"

And the runner-ups:

Lana: Tell me where you went to acting school!!

Gabriel: I...I...I didn't go to any school!

Lana: Huh, me neither.

Gabriel: What are you doing??
Lana: d@mnit! Don't just stand there with that stupid look on your face, do something funny! Aaaron doesn't think our comments are can I make a funny comment, if you don't do something amusing??
Gabriel: Would it help if I told you I think I just peed my pants??
Lana: Will have to let Mr. Thall field this one...Aaron??

...Nope. And don't leave before you mop up.

Lana: "What'd you do with Perry White?"

GG: "Who?"

Lana: "The guy that should be here instead of you."

GG: "That doesn't really narrow it down, Ms. Lang."

Lana: Mr. Grant, I'm about to beat you as if you were a LUTHOR!!

Grant: uuummmmm...........


"Okay, The Family Circus isn't funny!"


"It never was!"

"What is this thing in the corner?"

"It's a changing screen."

"Why are there holes in it?"

"I'm a perv!"

Some time later...

Lana: Gee, I sure am lonesome. I wish I had a little friend, a little friend just for me to play with, just for me to pet and play with. [innocently crushes hairbrush into dust with fist] Gee, I wish I had a little friend. [crushes compact mirror] You know, I had a little friend once [fishes around in closet], but he don't move no more. [pulls dead Grant out of closet]

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