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November 12, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Gives the term 'ham' acting a whole new meaning.

And the runner-ups:

Zariya S
Dean: Boob jobs all round! Starting with you missy!
Tom: No me first! Me first!!

super surfer
Clark: Uh oh.
Dr. Knox: Uh oh what?
Clark: I forgot something. Chloe, are you a virgin?
Chloe: No.
Clark: We can't use her.
Dr. Knox: What??
Clark: Any sacrifice we make to Lana has to be a virgin. What with her being amazing and all.
Chloe: So now you don't even think I'm good enough to sacrifice to Lana?
Clark: Nope.
(Chloe starts sobbing uncontrollably.)

Well, considering I recall a Lois & Clark where Dean couldn't even cut through a steak, I think Chloe's pretty safe here.

neal bailey
Clark 1: Chloe tastes great!

Clark 2: Less filling!

Clark: Let go of her, or I'll punch you all the way back to the 90's!!

Knox: You go ahead! I am much more powerful in that decade!

Knox: "Clark, let me do it. She DESERVES it."

Clark: "But it was just one turtle joke!"

Clark: If you're immortal, why are you living in this dump? You've had centuries to build a fortune!

Knox: I lost it all on scratch tickets, okay? I don't want to talk about it!



Clark: NO!!!! You'll cut your tongue!!!!!

Knox: I'm immortal. I have walked the earth for millenia! I have seen pyramids rise and pharoahs fall. Seen the Romans carve a out an entire world in their image, and have it overrun by barbarians.

Clark: Wow, living all of that must have bored people by the thousands.

Knox: Tens of thousands.

And they had to waste the Krypt/Tuck tagline in season four.

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