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October 13, 2010: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Da Puertorican:
Batman: Let's go guys!!
Superman: Ummm, How do I move?
Jonzz: Press A + B, right click arm, <- ->, square, x, R1
Superman: =| ahh forget it!! You handle it!


I don't get it, why won't any taxi's stop for us?

Group: Believe it or not, we're walking on air, we never thought we could feel so free-ee-ee...
Mr. Schu: Come on kids, we have to do better than this to win regionals.
Sue: Will, why don't you take your rag tag bunch of steroid inhanced Red Bull drinking iPod listening spandex wearing teenage superhero wannabes and go back to the little elfin forrest where you originally sprung from out of a burst of glitter and sunshine.

I'm Batman, dark creature of the night. Skulking in the shadows. An urban legend. So... I'll just hang out on the public street in broad daylight with you guys, okay?

Superman: Alien invasion! All those with the power of flight and superhuman strength come with me now!
Batman: Seriously Clark, you and me, we're done professionally!

chris brockow:
Batman "I hope the police don't arrest us again."

Superman: Where *is* he??
Martian Manhunter: I cannot sense him yet.
Batman: Want me to run recon?
Wonder Woman: Guys, relax, the ice cream man is only a minute late.

Voice: Red light!
Voice: Green light!
Voice: Red light!

J'onn: Don't forget to tag me on Facebook!!!

Trick Or treat!

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