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November 16, 2015: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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We now know that this was actually Henry Kara Danvers.


Clark: "I would love to play Superman on the new Supergirl show!"
Kara: "You have to wear the costume and cape."
Clark: "Oh, then forget it."

Antonio M. Figueroa:
Laura: "Tom, I can't believe they didn't call me to do a cameo on the new 'Supergirl' show. You woul think that after playing Kara for three years on 'Smallville', I'd at least rate a guest shot. You were Clark on 'Smallville' for ten years. What do you think?"
Tom: "Huh? 'Smallville'? Never heard of it."

Kara: This feels weird. It feels familiar.
Clark: I know...we haven't done a Smallville caption for ages!

"Laura, it's the pants. Guys just don't dig the pants!"

So, now you know! The real reason I don't want to wear the costume is that I can't stand the sight of red, yellow and blue together!

I told them it was pronounced CARE-UH, but they just wouldn't listen...

Clark: "When I was young, it took a super-hero TEN YEARS to put on their costume and fly!"

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