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March 24, 2008: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Patricia: Who are you, and what did you do to Clark?

And the runner-ups:

Clark: "Patricia what's this word?"

Patricia: "The"

Steve Eden
"It says here that the traveler will grow to look exactly like HAL HOLBROOK!"*

* For the too young to know (or care): Once famous TV and Movies character actor who got filthy rich impersonating Mark Twain (and was last week's picture.

Clark: I thought I understood Kryptonian... but this seems so alien to me, now...
Patricia: Clark, that's a Spanish book.

Clark: Dear Diary, today I fought another bad guy. I beated him by brooding, pouting and using my super breath. Lana left me again. She says I won't stop walking into Kryptonite, but I say they should stop making them look like my favorite candy Jolly Ranchers. I sleep now, yours truly, Clark.

Patricia: It's a book about your destiny Clark.

Clark: "The Death of Superman" by Roger Stern. Hmm, sounds interesting, but what does it have to do with me?

Patricia: Start reading.

Clark: Holy crap!

Clark: "There and Back Again: A Kryptnonians Tale, by Clark Kent. Smallville, Kansas. United States of America. Year 2008 in the Gregorian Reckoning.
Let's see where to begin.... ah, yes, Concerning Lana."

Particia: Is that a good book?

Clark: Yes! It seems some guy calling himself Neal Bailey has figured out how to fix this show.

Patricia: How?

Clark: Well for starters heres this,"This is Lana. See Lana. See Lana die. Die, Lana, die!" I wonder what that means.

Suddenly from the farm house: BANG! BANG! BANG!

Lana: ( off set) AHHHHHH!!!!!

Patricia: So what's the next thing?

Clark: It's... it's all... jibberish!
Patricia: The book's upside-down Clark...

Patricia: Necronomiconexmortis, roughly translated, the Book of the Dead. Inked in human blood and bound in human flesh it was never meant for the world of the living.
Clark: But this is Lana's Diary... oh...

Clark: This book is not giving me any answers. Maybe Chloe can hack its firewall.

Jeffrey Taylor
This says Jeffrey Bridges won the fight. I saw that. Neal was obviously the winner.

This picture shows Clark starting to read a book. Last week's picture is when he finished it.

Clark pictured reading Amazing Grace: Lana Lang on Lana Lang.

Clark: All these years I'd wondered how Virgil got the key from me in season three despite it being impossible! It's because--

Captain Picard: Worf, why aren't you on Deep Space Nine!

super surfer
Clark: It says here that Delilah used Samson's weakness against him. Good thing Lana would never do that to me.

Patricia: She would never use kryptonite on you?

Clark: No, she would never cut my hair.

Patricia: What ya reading?

Clark: A book about Lana

Patricia: Really? Whats it called?

Clark: Dante's Inferno

Patricia: What ya reading?

Clark: Great Expectations. Its not as good as I'd hoped.

Patricia: What are you reading?

Clark: How to Sell a Superhero Show Without Selling Out by Al Gough.

Patricia: Really? How is it?

Clark: Well, it looks like he only wrote three chapters. The rest of the book is car and cell phone ads.


Clark (pouring over every page in the book intently, as is searching for something): Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, Super Fudge! You're incorrigible!

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