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December 3, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lois (breaking off kiss): Wow. Just for that I'm gonna have to take you out to dinner.

Gabriel: Oh boy, Chucky Cheese! (Starts hopping around room, chanting.) Chucky Cheese! Chucky Cheese! Chucky Cheese!

And the runner-ups:

super surfer
Students' Tour Guide: And over here we can see the editor reviewing an article submitted by one of his subordinates. What the...? Apparently he is VERY satisfied with the article.

Her: I'll warn you. I'm not a very good kisser.
Him: It's ok. I'm not a very good actor.

Lois: Strange... Why am I getting the feeling I've been making out in this office before?

And why is my mouth minty?

last man of krypton
Lois and Gabriel:

An at-work canoodling that'll get her to the top faster than she ever would on raw hard work and good talent?

Lois: 1 Feminists: 0



Lois: ARGH!!!! SPLINTERS!!!!!

Wooden acting? Get it. Love it.

Gabriel: So is it true what they say? That you're a recurring guest star groupie?

Lois (purring): Baby? You don't even have to be recurring.

The kissing scene continues, to the agony of Smallville fans everywhere. All of a sudden...

Lois: Oh no! Grant! It's freakin' Darth Maul!

Darth Maul takes out his double-sided lightsaber and beheads Grant, to thunderous applause and then runs out without saying a word.

(Just a great image.)

Gabriel: I think this is the start of something really special. Just so long as you don't try to change me, like other women have.

Lois: Don't worry. I don't do diapers. (Rimshot!)

Gabriel: Lois, I have a confession to make. I'm really a clone of Lex's younger brother, Julian.

Lois: That's okay. Parts of me were created by doctors, too.

Lois: I'm trying to think of a funny caption for this photo but I'm too busy making out with another six episode guy.
Gabriel: Well, hurry up. I'm on episode five already.

super surfer
"Mommy, is this how babies are made?"

"Shut up and kiss me again."

super surfer
Lois: Are you sure this is the only way to trap bosons?
Gabriel: I'm positive.
Lois: But I thought you were negative.
Gabriel: Wha...?
Lois: You said I was the positive end and you were the negative end.
Gabriel: I am the negative end.
Lois: But you just said you were positive.
Gabriel: Shut up and start kissing me again, Lois. Or the bosons will get away.

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