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August 20, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

All those things he can do... All those powers... And the lazy bum still won't get off his butt to change the channel!

And the runner-ups:

Superman: "Well, nothing on tv, wonder what's going on in the next room?, Whoa, wish I hadn't seen THAT!"

Suntanned Superman
While Dean Cain sits quitely in his hotel room, a commercial for Superman Returns comes on the screen.

Dean: Time to heckle the new guy!

super surfer
Superman: With all due respect to all the "lick" fans out there, I am NOT, repeat NOT, going to lick these hotel bedsheets, as I can see that they haven't been cleaned in at least twelve years.

WHAT?!?!? I leave for 5 years, and they replace JLU with a show about MY DOG?!!??

*click* ...the war in... *click* ...suicide bombing of... *click* ...mudslide killed... *click* ...tornado ripped through... *click* ...killer excaped... *click* ...all next on "Big Brother: Super Hero Edition"...

Superman: Finally!

And the stinky Sock Award goes to...:

Martha: Clark! There's a woman about to fall out of the window! Hurry up! Save her!
Superman: (watching TV) I don't really want to.
Martha: Clark! Seriously!
Superman: (changing the channels)
Martha: Clark, if you don't get your a$$ off this bed, I'm going to have to spank you! Oh--YOU! (Martha walks toward the TV and turns it off)
Superman: Hey Mom, I was watching that! (turns TV back on with remote)
Martha: (turns TV back off)
Superman: (turns Tv back on with remote)
Martha: (turns TV back off)
Superman: (turns TV back on with remote)
Martha: (turns TV back off)
Superman: (turns TV back on with remote)
TV: We interupute this program for this terrible news...just held in Metropolis a few moments ago, a women fell from a building, and there was no sign of Superman, he should have been there to save her espeically if it was his girlfriend, Lois lane.

So THIS is Victoria's secret!

Fighting crime is for pansys, cleaning hotel rooms in middle america is a job for superheros!

Buying a boquet of roses for lois on thier 1 year anniversary $15

Covering lois' outrageous parking tickets every month $150

Sneaking off to a hotel to watch reruns of Sponge Bob.. priceless

*flipping channels, stops on Smallville*

Whoa! They made my mom HOT!


And the Wavy Hair Award goes to everyone too lazy to make a joke, thus resorting to quoting television or listing Superman programming.

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