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June 1, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Contest

Lois: Oh my God. What is that Superman's fighting? Jimmy: I don't looks like a giant-- CUT TO: A RESTAURANT. Man: Willie? Willie Nelson?

The runner-ups:

Tom Servo: Ummm... Mike? Should we be seeing this?

The Old Bum
Despite Spider-Man's best attempts with his webbing, it finally took Superman to milk Galactus.

This was ALSO a close contender for the stinky sock award. But Chris was a bit more blatant. Be careful, people.

Supes: Hey guys , look at what I got. Batman: Great, another big chunk of rock. It's not enough he can break mountains, he has to keep bringing them to show and tell to rub it in our faces.

Superman says : "WHAT THE @*%$ IS THIS THING I'M CARRYING!!!!"

That pretty much summed up what everyone thought this week, doesn't it? Only with less swearing.

In order to better enforce innuendo free caption contests, Superman filled gigantic pink socks with stinky yogurt and flung them onto rogue captioners' houses.

There aren't enough yogurt socks in the world, man.

Superman (mocking his Justice League comrades): Ooh, it's big and ugly and mysterious and probably gooey. Make Superman do it. He'll fight anything. Jerks.

Superman: Hmm. You're pink, hard to deal with, and annoying.
(beat) You remind me of someone...

In Australia, Steve Younis slaps his head and groans.

Drew Carey: "Up next, my favorite game, 'Props' with Wayne, Colin and our special guest for the evening."

I dread what this crowd would do with "Scenes from a Hat".

Sneakymonkey: Must resist... temptation to use innuendo... Yoda: Innuendo leads to the Dark Side, and the Dark Side leads to much suffering. More likely to be banned, you will be!

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