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May 14, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lana: Mr. Wizard, I'm here for brains.
Lex: I'm here for a gun.
Lana: I also need courage.
Lex: I need bullets.
Lana: A heart for my husband would be nice.
Lex: No, I just need the gun and bullets.
Lana: I'll need a home, too, after the divorce.
Lex: One bullet will do it.
Lana: Do we need to bring you a witches broom or something?
Lex: I have your Swiffer, honey, that's close enough.
Lana: On second thought, can you turn my husband into a toad?

*Poof* Lex becomes a frog.

Lana: Neat.
Lex: @#!$%&# ribbit.

And the runner-ups:

Lex: Now I want you to kill Clark Kent. you may use any means necessary.
Lana: Yes, Master.
Lex (after letting go of Lana's hand): Headaches back, honey?
Lana (dazed): Yeah, but i have a need to tell Clark all of our problems.

Lex: When life hands you lemons, make lemonaid and spike it with rat poison for your noisy wife who is still in love with her ex-boyfriend.

Lana: And, when all else fails, remember that sticks and stones can break your bones, but a bullet will kill your husband.


Thanks NBC!

Lex: So, how do you like our new secret warehouse?

Lana: * LICK * Tastes like murder.

All Superman fans seeing this picture: WROOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

Lana: You have vandalised Lana's face! You have stolen Lana's chickens! Are you stealing Lana's soul with your pill box? Lana will release her rage now!

Lex: Sorry, Mr. Cameraman. We caught the Ed Edd n Eddy marathon the other week and Lana hasn't been able to stop talking like Rolf ever since.

If she'd talked like Single D, she might have won it for you.

Lana: It's no use, Lex. I know all about Project Ares!

Lex: That project was just a ruse. A decoy to keep you off the trail of Project Osiris!

Lana: Project Osiris!

Lex: Yes! An airtight plan to get my cajones back from you!

Lana: No chance. You should've thought of that before you waived the pre-nup!

Healthiest. Marriage. Ever.

Silver Superman
Lex: *self dialogue* Little did the happy couple know that just moments from now the ceiling was about to collapse in on them crushing them under its brute force!

Lana: your not doing that dumb self dialogue thing again are you??

Lex: *self dialogue* No wait look, she is an unbeliever, she will be the first to die, the first to fall victim to I, Lex's master plan, watch as now the young Luthor holds his "beloved's" hand knowing the impending doom about to befall them....

Lana: oh shut up already.....

Lex finally realizes that Clark's plan wasn't to break up his relationship with Lana, but push Lana into his arms, thus making Lana totally unavailable, so Clark himself would be free of her torment.

Lex: $@#%& you, Kent!


Bad Lex


Lex: "What did I do now, Unseen Abuser?"

You're holding Lana's hand. I said NO!


Any chance you could do that to the management of Wal-Mart next? Nevermind...

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