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December 15, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Dear Editor,
I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Superman. Papa says, "If you see it on the Superman Homepage, it's so." Please tell me the truth, is there a Superman?
Virginia O'Hanlon


jimmy mac:
Two guys with a particular grudge against the Salkinds.

The new Superman Action Figure set|! With all new combat ready Santa. |Both figures have fifteen posable joints and six new catchphrases!(Fortress of Solitude Playset not included)

super surfer:
The North Pole Homeowners' Association

Jor-El: So this must be Jesus H. Christ, the Father of Christmas?
Superman:...Not exactly.

Even Superman is not immune to the global economic crisis and is forced to take on a roommate to make rent.

Superman: Soooo, did you find it?
Santa: Clark, for the last time! That celophane S was a one time deal! They just don't make those anymore!

Paul Chamberlin:
Santa: A president of the North Pole Historical District's Condominium Association, I really must object to your lack of respect to the building materials and improvements code. And the constant glow from your "Fortress" is really screwing with the sleep cycles of the indigenous elf & reindeer populations.

Santa is now an unlockable character in the Mortal Kombat vs. DC. Santa vs. Superman round one Fight!

SUPERMAN: Beautiful, isn't it?
SANTA: Beautiful. Unethical. DANGEROUS. You've turned every cellphone in the world into a microphone.
SUPERMAN: And a high-frequency generator-receiver.
SANTA: You took my naughty-or-nice list and applied it to a surveillance system watching the entire world. With half the world feeding you sonar, you can image all of planet Earth. This is wrong.
SUPERMAN: I've gotta find out who's being naughty, Santa.
SANTA: At what cost?
SUPERMAN: The database is null-key encrypted. It can only be accessed by one person.
SANTA: This is too much power for one person.
SUPERMAN: That's why I gave it to you. Only you can use it.
SANTA: Spying on 6 billion people isn't part of my job description.
SUPERMAN: ... No, I'm pretty sure it is.
SANTA: ..... oh yeah.

chris brockow:
Santa "He does exist."
Superman "He does exist."

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